Turn the Tables (Wheaty)

Turn the Tables (Wheaty)

This is the official crate-of-vinyl-records collecting mission. Get it by talking to Wheaty in the Wolf's Den after completing Gearing Up (you will need to have complete The World is Weak earlier, to gain access to the Den in the first place).

You'll get a first location for free- this one inside Osprey Cabin in the western mountains.

The vinyl crate is on a small table inside.

There's also a safe in the cabin, with more than the usual amount of cash.

Redtail Cabin

This is one of the cabins you investigate during Gearing Up, so if you have 'Turn the Tables,' you've already been here. The crate is inside the cabin itself.

MCA Mobile Lab

A science camp due west of the Baron Lumber Mill in Jacob's territory. This location is also the start of the Dinner Time mission for Sarah Perkins.

The records are out in front of the trailer, past the tent (north).

Breakthrough Camp

A summer camp southwest of the FANG center in Jacob's Territory. You'll come through here during the Dinner Time mission for Sarah Perkins.

The vinyl crate is inside the main lodge building

Dansky Cabin

This is the location of the Gone Squatchin' Prepper Stash.

Note the box of vinyl under the prepper note.

Linero Building Supplies

The crate is in the office trailer.

South Park Entrance

The crate is in the eastmost building.

There's a safe inside, but the vinyl is by the fallen file cabinets.

The Grill Streak

The crate is right by Chad Wolanski's digs.

Look for it outside his tent, south of the van.

North Park Entrance

The crate is in the south building. Just walk inside to see it on a bookshelf.

And the last one is in Hunter's Pass Shelter, near Snowshoe Lake in Jacob's Territory.

You may have to dispatch one of Jacob's Hunter/Judge duos here, but after that, the vinyl is clearly visible on the table in the one-room cabin.

When you have all the records, return to Wheaty to complete the mission.

You'll get the standard cash reward, and be able to hear Wheaty's music while you're driving.

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