What They Carried (Wendell Redler)

What They Carried (Wendell Redler)

The official side mission for collecting the Vietnam Lighters you'll find scattered about the county.

Start this by speaking to Wendell Redler, east of Fall's End, in John's patch.

This time it's not just the lighters- there's a code you need to unlock a weapons cache, part of it inscribed on the back of each one. So it's time to get hunting, in the following twelve places.

McClean Residence

A small home in Faith's region.

Enter the bunker north of the house.

Down inside you can find (in addition to a lot of blood), a safe, a skill mag, and Russel's lighter on a bunk.

Fillmore Residence

A house in the southeast of John's region, near the river

Dom's lighter is on some shelves.

Bunker of an Unnamed House Due West of the South Park Entrance

Lefty's Lighter is on the table next to a TV.

There's also a skill mag (along with some oil and cash) on a bunk down here.

McCoy's Cabin

A residence in Faith's Region, a bit west and south of Peaches Taxidermy.

The bunker is southwest of the main house.

Tim's lighter is on the shelving there.

Elliot Residence

A home south of the FANG Center. Complete The Holdouts Prepper Stash to gain access to Stanford's lighter.

Harris Residence

A home well southwest of the Pumpkin Farm, in John's patch.

The bunker entrance is in the north corner shed.

Danny's lighter is on the shelves

There's also a skill mag down here.

Rae Rae's Pumpkin Farm

This is the location where you recruit Boomer in Man's Best Friend. There's a bunker by the east gate of the Farm, behind the house.

Woody's lighter is on a chair in the corner, and there's a skill mag on the nearby bunk.

Beneath an Unmarked Observation Tower, North Across the Water from the Grand View Hotel

Joe's lighter is underneath the radio.

There's also a skill mag and a safe down here.

Counselor's Cabin

There's a bunker just outside (east) of this relatively large cabin on the southeast face of Angel's Peak, in Faith country.

Kev's lighter is on some shelves. There's a slo a safe down here, and some liquor in the medicine cabinet.

Whitetail Park Visitor Center

You'll raid this location during the Missing in Action mission.

Smiley's lighter is also on a bookshelf in the Visitor Center.

Abercrombie Residence

A home in Faith's Region.

A bit of collectible crossover here- this is the house of Nadine's grandfather, but the collectible here is actually one of the Vietnam lighters, in the bunker by the covered porch.

There's also a skill mag down here.

Miller Residence

Dusty's lighter is down in the bunker.

So is one skill magazine, and a vegetation mag about Jimson Weed locations.

There's also a safe in the shed out back.

Return to Red when you've found all the lighters.

There's no dangerous trek to the cache, it's just in the shed outside.

Entering the cache completes the mission. This is a good place to replenish ammo and supplies, but there are no special weapons or unlockables.

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