Animal Control

Prepper Stash: Animal Control

A prepper stash in the Howling Cave, just east of Peaches Taxidermy. You'll need the grappling hook & parachute for this mission.

The note is on some boxes by the road in front (north) of the cave.

You'll encounter a number of wolves on this mission. If you're hunting skins, leave Cheeseburger behind- wolves will automatically flee him.

Enter the cave to find two wolves and a grapple point. Kill or drive off the former, and ascend to the latter.

Up top, mantle a few ropey ledges until you reach a giant hole, with a ropey ledge on the far side.

Parachute down to it.

Proceed southeast. There are enemies and lots of little cracks here, which you can use for stealthy takedowns.

The main chamber has even more guys and wolves, but they're not particularly alert to intruders.

Take them out, then grapple up to the ledge with the helicopter above.

The stash is on the cliff's edge north of the helicopter.

There is just enough room to fly out with the copter, but grappling is probably a safer way to exit the cave.

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