Dinner Time (Sarah Perkins)

Dinner Time (Sarah Perkins)

Begin this story mission at the MCA Mobile Lab, due west of the Baron Lumber Mill in Jacob's territory.

You'll find Dr. Sarah Perkins trapped on the roof of her trailer, being menaced by three Judges. Give her a hand.

When the Judges have been cleared, Dr. Perkins will join you on the ground. Talk to her to begin the mission proper.

You might also grab the crate of vinyl records while you're here.

That done, head to Breakthrough Camp, southwest of the FANG center.

There are nearly a dozen bad guys here- you can make a good start on clearing them using the sniper platform in the middler-center of the camp (there are no bonuses for stealth here, so don't stress about it too much).

If things do get more active, moving through the bushes and tall grasses around camp can allow you to preserve some sneakiness. Watch out for the two VIPs (generally hanging out toward the south end of camp) mixed in with the crowd.

When all baddies are down, Dr. Perkins will show up. The next part involves engaging with a hostile Judge but not killing it, so she wisely advises you to send your companions away.

Open the cage, then follow the doctor's instructions in dropping a trainer corpse into the feeding trough.

Go to the east side of the cage. A Judge will enter from the west bushes, and run inside.

Sneak back and throw the gate switch again, trapping the Judge.

Talk to Dr. Perkins when she comes down to complete the mission. This also simplifies the recipe for your Ultimate Hunter homeopathic.

Note that there is another crate of vinyl here as well, inside the Lodge building.

You can also find a Rock Bass fishing mag on a porch crate in the north of camp.

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