Radio Silence (Tammy Barnes)

Radio Silence (Tammy Barnes)

After completing The World is Weak, talk to Tammy in the Wolf's Den for this mission.

Your first objective is to destroy the control box at the top of each tower. It has a metal cowling so it can't be easily sniped or missiled.

It's probably possible to line up such a shot, but it's easier to just grapple up at shoot the thing point-blank.

Besides, the height lets you cover a fair amount of ground to the next tower, bypassing at least one cultist checkpoint (if you have a wingsuit, and want to bypass checkpoints).

The wingsuit can't take you the whole way, though. There's either a road that'll take you to the front gate, or a grapple path on the southeast rockface.

There are about nine hostiles here, including a heavy by the base of the tower. No bonus for stealth, though the rocks near the entrance and the scenic terrace both make for good sniping positions.

Before going on to the tower, you might check in the cabin here for a collectible baseball card.

Climb the tower for your next objective- ambushing a jammer truck. Note that your first plot marker is the ambush site area, not the truck itself.

Note also that that convoy will drive past this dirt road junction, not turn into it.

The jammer is a box truck escorted by two guard pickups. Take them out with your choice of explosives or weapons fire.

Their destruction completes the mission.

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