Hangar Pains

Prepper Stash: Hangar Pains

Find this stash at the Lansdowne Airstrip, north of the FANG center in Jacob's patch.

The prepper note is on a rolly toolbench out front.

You need to get on the roof of the main building. You can certainly come in via helicopter or even airplane, but what the game has in a mind is a wingsuit glide from the nearby radio tower (to the south).

Grapple up the tower and flying-squirrel on over. You may want to deploy your parachute a little early for extra control.

Drop down through the skylight for a veritable treasure trove. There's a hunting mag here, with Hare locations.

A Cheeseburger bobblehead on some metal shelves.

And tons of lootables. When ready, hit the power switch on the west wall to open the hangar door, and unlock the snazzy Pack Hunter plane that's stored here.

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