Razing the Steaks (Zip Kupka)

Razing the Steaks (Zip Kupka)

Find this pyronic hero a little north of Orville Creek, deep in John's Territory.

Catch up with him there to see him in action.

Speak with him to endure a certain amount of verbal garbage, and to launch his Story Mission, Razing the Steaks.

Join him in his truck, then follow him on foot to the Flatiron stockyards.

Your goal is to kill the marked animals and the Eden's Gate hostiles, but when you get close they're pretty busy killing each other, so you can decide when you want to weigh in.

The one human enemy that will never be killed by the beasts is the sniper atop the main building. Be sure to take care of him before getting too cosy here.

There's a stack of ammo crates in the main building if you need it. Otherwise, secure the site, then join Zip at the west end for an ambush.

The enemies will come in with a herd of cows. In the explosive chaos that follows, Zip will make himself an unignorable target, and you can pick off hostiles while they focus on him.

Do watch out for a truck of reinforcements that will drive in from the south.

Still, Zip's chaos makes it easy for you to keep a low profile- use it to snipe or ambush the scattered enemy.

Killing them all completes the mission.

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