Note: Gear mods are passives that require a certain amount of the specific gear to unlock. Once unlocked, you can have any combination active, as they can be turned on and off at any time.


Videos will be added when/ if a five gear score is obtained.


Hint: All the weapon challenges besides the shotgun challenge require you to unlock and use the precision aim weapon mod. So make sure you take advantage of it, otherwise you won't get close to the required accuracy/ scores.



Shotgun Training Course – Try to shoot multiple targets at once to increase points. Memorizing the order that targets appear in will also give you an advantage.



Machine Gun Training Course – Unload upon the target, aiming for the centre, but stop shooting before it falls down so you don't lose the multiplier. Keep shooting it when you can, avoiding the X targets (they reduce your score). Manual reloading once a target drops allows you to have a full clip to fire when the next one comes up. As with other weapon challenges, memorizing target order appearance will help you greatly. Precision aim mod required.



Burst Training Course – Aim for centre, and let an entire burst hit a target. Otherwise the next burst to bring it down will result in a missed shot and reset your multiplier. Precision aim mod required.



Revolver Training Course – Try to balance speed and accuracy hitting the centre. The green circles give much more points. If you are quick enough earlier on, there will be more time for when the green targets come up later. Try to keep the multiplier up for these. Precision aim mod required.



Handgun Training Course – At the start watch the targets on the ground to see where to aim. The ones that come at you in threes have X targets as well. The stationary targets at the back will reveal more green targets for more points. Try to hit the moving ones while shooting these, but prioritize the stationary ones. Be careful with this gun as it is very easy to shoot twice, resetting your multiplier. Since the targets are single shot, if the multiplier is reset it will be difficult to regain it, meaning a much lower score. Precision aim mod required.


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