Intro – Viva La Revolucion


INTRODUCTION – Viva La Revolucion


  • Upgrades first – Before racing off to blow everything up, make sure to complete the second mission 'time for an upgrade' to obtain Rico's wingsuit, as well as improving several other gadgets he has. The wingsuit is invaluable in covering large distances as well as just making Rico look more bad-ass. You'll also gain planted explosives from this mission as well, which are great for toppling enemy structures, so take the time to get this one out of the way to fully maximize your destructive powers.


  • Blow stuff up – While it may sound obvious, the best way to make progress in this game is to destroy every enemy, bit of enemy equipment and location you can find. This unlocks various weapons and locations for you and the rebel army. Doing this also opens garages for you to store/ retrieve vehicles and unlocks challenges you can complete for further upgrades. It also makes missions in the area easier as you won't have to deal with enemy reinforcements or other headaches by having enemy bases near your mission location.



  • A challenging matter – There are a large number of upgrades that Rico can unlock in several different areas: Weapons, destruction, air vehicles and so on. To unlock these, you need to complete challenges. Some upgrade areas are more useful in your journey, than others however. So try and focus on these areas first: Destruction, explosives, tether and traversal mods to truly maximize your powers as quickly as possible.


  • Grand Theft Medici – Once you have liberated your first town (most likely Menaea to unlock mission 03) you can start 'obtaining' enemy vehicles and storing them in garages for later access. This is how you can gain permanent access to some of the better vehicles in the game, especially the sports vehicles, so take the time to grab any good cars you see on the road. I'm sure their owners won't mind.



  • Random events – These will pop up on your map from time to time and can be completed to replenish your flares and beacons (for calling in rebel drops and fast travel). They may include things like saving a rebel in distress or simply destroying something. These generally quick and simple activities are a good way to top up your supplies easily.


  • Canny collectibles – In Just Cause 3, you have a collectible tracker (shown by a series of white bars appearing below the center of the screen) and an increasingly noticeable beeping noise. Locate the source of these to find your collectible. Simple, but effective.



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