Pyramid O’ Pranks

Pyramid O' Pranks

Enter the temple of four pharaohs, just spireward of the Halamost pyramid in Ancient Egypt, to get this laugh riot started.

The archaeologist here wants to prank her colleagues. Start by yanking the pull-looped case- you'll be able to rebuild its bits into an elegant mustache.

Smash the debris upstage left to build a rune platform.

This one is slightly trickier than ones we've seen before, because of the starting point. One solution is to trace the outer shape clockwise you hit the last dot, then trace in inner square counter clockwise until you return to that dot (completing the square), and finally drawing the last line down to your starting point.

This gives the statue glasses. Next, run the laser maze.

This will give you access to some parts you can use to make a hat. You'll get a brick for your efforts, and if you like you can hang about to hear the other scientists' reactions.

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