Symbolic Logic

Symbolic Logic

Enter the Hala-side pyramid in Egypt to begin this task.

The inner room here has a track with four endpoints, and each point has to be activated to proceed. The things you need to do are- Yank a pull-loop to unfurl a large screen,

dig up a few piles of dirt to complete a mural.

blow up some silver items to reveal the stars within, then magic the stars into place,

And magic the water in the trough to make rain.

You now need to get the four statues next to the proper symbols. Start by pushing the statue with the sky symbol into the center of the room. You can now push the statue with the feather-like symbol into place.

Push the sky statue over in front of the featherlike-like statue, just to get it out of the way.

You can now push the shiny-book statue, then the raincloud statue into place. Finally come back and slot the sky statue.

Once all four are correctly seated, you'll get your brick.

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