Change of Address

Change of Address

In this task, you'll help people across the city decide where they ought to move to. Start in Manhattan, in a corner of that octagonal building near the park.

The woman in the magenta snow jackets wants to live someplace hot but not sandy. Choose 'Asgard.'

A Nueva Yorker in gray wants someplace old-fashioned and dry. Egypt isn't an option, so choose The Old West.

A robed Asgardian wants someplace cold and uncrowded. Failing 'the dark vacuum of space,' choose 'K'un-Lun.'

In Attilan, a civilian is looking to go as low as you can go. Recommend Lemuria.

In central Xandar, a red-jacketed civvie wants to move someplace a little more monochrome. Recommend Manhattan Noir.

Help all five extpatriates to unlock The Laser Drill vehicle for purchase.

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