Crab Game Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Crab Game Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Crab Game is a free-to-play game that parodies the hit Netflix series Squid Game. The game was released on 29 October 2021 and was developed by a single Norweign developer, Daniel Sooman. Despite being a parody, Crab Game managed to be a complete game that was loved by players.

At its peak, Crab Game had over 56,000 players on Steam and hundreds of thousands of viewers on Steam. Crab Game was incredibly popular with Youtubers, which helped its exposure. Crab Game was so well-liked that it was nominated for the “Better With Friends” category of the 2021 Steam Awards. The hype around Squid Game survived a bit longer because of the success of Crab Game.

Crab Game Premise

Just like in Squid Game, players will compete in a number of deadly minigames based on childhood games. The last player left standing wins the cash prize and is the champion of the game. Up to forty players can participate at a time. Crab Game includes proximity chat, which makes it a perfect party game to play online with friends.

Although Crab Game is primarily a parody of Squid Game, it does have some unique content. After the release of the game, it was expanded with minigames and maps that weren’t related to Squid Game. The multiplayer game started as a parody, but it has managed to stand on its own as an independent game.

Crab Game Series

Crab Game was a surprise hit in the industry that no one expected to be as popular as it was. At the moment, there are no direct sequels or prequels to Crab Game. Although Crab Game isn’t a series yet, the developer has made other games.

Daniel Sooman is a young indie developer with a number of other games under his belt. Daniel’s other games haven’t been as popular as Crab Game, but they carry the same style. Here is a list of all of Daniel’s other games that he’s developed so far:

  • Off The Sticks
  • Fair ‘n Square
  • Balls?
  • A Triangle Game
  • Karlson (2D)
  • Tree Team
  • Farty Rocket
  • Karlson (3D)
  • Bad Game
  • Milkman Karlson
  • Bad Saber
  • Trashy Pistol Whip
  • Ogga Bogga
  • Re: Run
  • Bean Guys
  • Amogn Us
  • Jelly Drift
  • Muck
  • Crab Game

Crab Game Cheat Codes

Unfortunately for players, Crab Game doesn’t have any in-game cheat codes. As an exclusively online multiplayer game, cheat codes would majorly disrupt the flow of gameplay. Since Crab Game is a competitive game, cheat codes would create an unfair advantage that would make the minigames unplayable.

Crab Game Cheat Code FAQ

Does Crab Game have cheat codes?
No, cheat codes are unavailable for Crab Game. Cheat codes would give players unfair advantages during multiplayer matches.

Does Crab Game have any achievements?

There are currently no Crab Game achievements.

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