ActRaiser Cheats & Cheat Codes for Steam, IoS, Android, Windows, and More

ActRaiser Cheats & Cheat Codes for Steam, IoS, Android, Windows, and More

Actraiser Summary

Order and Chaos are forever foes, and in some odd way, forever friends.

ActRaiser is a side scroller/platformer/city builder game that was first released on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It came out in February 1990 along with other such titles like Mega Man 3, John Madden, and MercsActRaiser has seen much critical acclaim and can be found in many online stores such as Steam and on the Nintendo EShop.

Actraiser Premise

The game is a side scroller and city builder, dividing into two gameplay styles. The side-scrolling segment sees players control a statue, which they have to guide through the stage by defeating enemies, avoiding traps, and so on. The other side, the simulation, has players control an angel, in which they direct and control civilization as they develop. As one might expect, however, demons are flying about trying to impede players, but the angel you control can shoot them with arrows.

Ever wondered what would happen if you were God? Like capital G god? Well, apparently, it involves you being beaten silly and being put into a long sleep. After waking from a long slumber, the world has changed. Humanity is pushed to the brink, and any civilization is forgotten. The world has been divided into six lands, one for each of the lieutenants. But you are not some quitter, nor are you some mortal who can simply be killed. You are the Master, and you are healed.

Now awakened from their slumber, the Master has chosen to take back his world one land at a time, controlling a knight statue to face the evil, step by step. All the while directing his Angel to help direct the regrowth of civilization and protect it from demons.

Actraiser Main Characters 

Okay, quick note! This article is about ActRaiser. As in, the first release of the game ever made. Not the remake that was made in 2021. As such, while this section will lightly cover some of the remake’s details, it will not be including more in-depth info from the remake. As I said, this is focused on the 1990 release.

  • The Master. You! Kinda. You’re not some minor god, but the big guy himself. You were defeated in battle by Tanzra and his six lieutenants and now have awakened in a world ruled by fear.
  •  The Angel. Your right hand! Not literally, mind you (come to think of it, I don’t the Master even has limbs…). In any case, they’re the ones you control when in you’re in the city sim side of the game. While lacking any personality of any sort in the original game, the Angel does have a bit of a haughty streak in the remake.
  •  Tanzra. The one who now rules the world. He was once a servant of the Master, but now leads a rebellion against him. The first time failed, the second time….well, you can see for yourself.
  •  Six Lieutenants. The ones who control each of the six lands. To reclaim the world, you’re going to have to traverse each stage and defeat each of them. Most are fairly bare bones, hence the lack of detail.

Actraiser Titles of Video Games in the Series

  • ActRaiser (1990)
  •  ActRaiser 2 (1993)
  •  Actraiser (2004)

Actraiser Cheat Codes 

Professional Mode

To access the hidden Professional mode, first, beat the game. Then on the title screen, highlight ”New Game” and press Down or Select. 

Hidden Extra Lives

Here is how to find four hidden extra lives in the game’s towns:

Fillmore – When you get the Compass, use it here.

Bloodpool – Make it rain over the big lake.

Kasandora – Cause an earthquake after uncovering the pyramid.

Northwall – Strike the town’s shrine with a lightning bolt.

Actraiser Cheat Code FAQ

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s cover some FAQs!

How can I play Actraiser? You can find it on Steam, Nintendo Switch, IoS, and Android.

How hard is Actraiser Renaissance? I heard balanced mode is fair, well, balanced. But, Hard Mode makes the enemies hit you that much harder, and you don’t really get any good health upgrades until Post-Game. For those unaware, Post Game refers to when the main storyline is beaten in a video game, but you still have various things to do.

Who is the main character in Actraiser? God. That’s it, just God. Aka you, aka The Master.

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