Trivia Time

Trivia Time

Answer the trivia questions on the trivia consoles around Chronopolis


Answers: The Supreme Intelligence, Ravonna, beetles.

Medieval England

Answers: Black Panther, Pig Jousting, 10.

Hydra Empire

Answers: A Skull with Tentacles, They march Everywhere, Attilan.

Also Hydra Empire

Answers: Dragon, Snow, Man-Thing Ancient Egypt

Answers: 2, Xandar, Hexagon Blitz.

Behind Avengers Mansion

Answers: Comics,4,Forbush Man

Manhattan Noir

Answers: Panther, Grand Central Station, Catch the Seashell


Answers: Inhumans, Axes, Alchemax

Nueva York

Answers: Coliseum, Ancient Egypt, Everything is Slightly Black and Whit

Kang's Citadel (right across from the map terminal on the upper level)

Answers: Kang, The Nexus of All Realities, 5

Best each machine for a substantial cash payout, and Captain America's Jet.

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