Who’s The Boss

Who's The Boss

Defeat every boss in Chronopolis. Two are encountered as you play through the story mission. They are-

Sentry 459, at the beginning of the Inhuman Nature quest

Electro 2099 in the prelude to Symbiote Surprise

The rest can be found on the open map. In order to fight the boss of an area, you need to complete every challenge there, except the races and building the local monument. When that's complete, you'll probably get a heads-up from Wasp about the new fight available, and you'll see a BOOM icon on your map.

Not all areas have boss fights. The ones that do (excepting the ones noted above), are

  • Asgard
  • Xandar
  • Medieval England
  • Manhattan
  • Hydra Empire
  • Old West
  • Manhattan Noir
  • Sakaar
  • Wakanda

See our location guides for how to beat the boss of each area. If the boss fight isn't popping for you, comb the area again for Stan icons and green puzzle piece icons. A few can be a little confusing- Speedy Specter in the Old West and the acrobatics race in Medieval England both count as regular challenges, rather than races, for example.

Note also that quests not on the map do not count- like helping That Scorpion Guy go legit.

Defeat all 11 bosses to unlock The Shocker's Van.

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