High Noon Saloon Collectibles

High Noon Saloon Collectibles

True Believer: 140,000 studs required


(1) Under the stairs in the Saloon, stage right.

(2) Up those stairs is a pile of blue junk. Rocket can fix it your first time out.

The robot it creates is worthless, but the minikit behind it is just fine.

(3) Smash the bench by the downstage left bar (the one without a bartender). Assemble the pieces, and magic them to activate the buffalo head above the bar.. somehow.

This drops the pieces of a minikit to build.

(4) Behind that same bar, you can magic open a portal.

There's a bucking bronco here. Mount it and follow the prompts to win a kit.

(5) After the MODOK fight intermission in the Saloon, blow up the three silver chests onstage, and build the pieces into three cactus props to get the kit. You still get them even if the cacti get shot up after you build them.

(6) When you first appear on the train, choose a character with a double jump to hop down to the rear platform of the caboose.

(7) Onboard the train, there are three balloon bunches attached with silver clips. Free them (Kid Colt's dynamite will do the trick) to get the kit. The first bunch is at the back of the caboose, right where you arrive.

The second is atop the car with the trampolines- same one where Stan Lee is trapped.

The last is on the car with Captain Corbett. After Kid Colt lassos the strength tester to turn it into a bridge, the final bunch is at the end of that bridge.

(8) Underneath the snake charmer is a lazer panel that Kamala can hack. Do so to get the pieces for another minikit.

(9) There's a pull-loop on the car with the the flaming hoops. Pull it.

Enter the cars below the hoops to claim the 'kit.

(10) After you free President Bear, there's a teleporter in the shambles of his cage. Use Lockjaw to teleport to the train's tender, for the final minikit.

Stan Lee

On the train, after the car with the flaming hoops, is a car with trampolines. At the far end is a grav booster and trapped Stan Lee. Activate the former to free the latter.

Hidden character

Use magic to up-end the giant boot by the door.

This will reveal the Old West Bruce Banner card.

Completing all of the above completes the level.

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