No Eson of Mine Collectibles

This guide is for obtaining all the collectibles in No Eson of Mine. See our story mode walkthrough for the level here.


(1) The first one available is directly stage right of your starting point in the hold of the Milano. Smash everything there, and assemble both devices- a large bin and a smaller laser device.

Use Ms Marvel or another hacker to activate the device. The goal is to get to the red switch and hit it. You can actually solve this puzzle without rotating the maze, but now's a good time to get familiar with the mechanic. Note that traps and gates act differently when rotated, and the coins can be bunched up for easy collection.

Once the laser is active, the bin disgorges a gift box. Smash it, and assemble the pieces into the first minikit.

(2) Use Dr. Strange or another magic character with the sparkly mix tape on the stage right table, with the cereal and pink teddy bear.

Telekineticize it into the tape deck on the wall above it to start a dance party, which ends with you getting the minikit.

(3) Downstage left in the Milano, before you take the elevator down, you'll notice three lights on the wall. They always activate in the same order – yellow, blue, red. Shoot them in that order to trigger the minikit's appearance.

If you mess up, shoot all the lights, and they'll reset after a minute or so. Otherwise the minikit materializes behind them.

This is the last minikit aboard the Milano.

(4) Planetside, note that just right of your starting point are three squarish pools of water.

In one of the two upstage pools (the ones without sprinklers), you'll notice a blue eyestalk watching you.

Destroy it, and another will pop up in one of those same two pools. Destroy the stalk five times to earn another minikit.

(5) By the third pool, closest to the camera, is a frozen crank machine. Thaw it with a laser power.

Use the crank and then *immediately* jump in the pool. The sprinklers are about to erupt with studs.

They evaporate very quickly, so get as many as you can, then grab the minikit from the central sprinkler.

(6) From Stan Lee's downed ship, head stage right, behind the ramp up to the Milano arrival point. You can't see it, but run around that hidden corner to pop another kit.

(7) Downstage and slightly right of the rescue ship, right at the border of the explorable area, is a six-floater raft with a giant silver egg on it.

Use someone with silver-block destroying power to free the minikit inside.

(8) There's a dock with a giant mechanical claw, just downstage from the trapped-by-fire civilians. Laser off the gold block next to it to reveal a pressure plate.

Every time you step on it, it brings up something new- first a dino skull, then a piano, then a bin. Smash the first two for studs, but smash the bin to reveal the minikit.

You should still activate the plate one more time- a tentacle steals the claw, but leaves four purple coins behind.

The last two minikits are found during the final Eson boss fight.

(9) Upstage left is a cracked panel. Use a super strength character to smash it open for the 'kit.

(10) Downstage left is a pile of gray rubble, with a few purple sparkles. Destroy it.

You'll be catapulted upward to the last minikit.



You need 115,000 studs to get the True Believer brick.

Hidden Character- Moon Knight

Moon Knight is hidden behind the golden door on the planet, a little left of where the hostage are trapped by flame. Use Iron Man or another character with a laser to cut open the door, and get his trading card.

Stan Lee

This Stan Lee is easy to find – in a crashed ship toward the right of the area, just before the Milano arrival bit.

Don't make Vaarvsuvius' mistake- prepare a Sonic attack beforehand, so you can shatter the glass off the ship, and free Stan.

Accomplish all these things to complete the level.

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