Noir Night-Mayor Collectibles

Noir Night-Mayor Collectibles

True Believer: 120,000 Studs

Stan Lee: Stan is downstage right in the final area, being menaced by thugs in a darkish corner. Crush them to win Stan's freedom.

Hidden Character: Noir Luke Cage

Use sonics to smash the glass in the round room where you fight Hammerhead.

Charge the dragon up with chi, and the Luke Cage token will pop out onto the floor.


(1) The moment the level starts, turn around and blow the silver doors off the elevator.

This reveals a minikit inside.

(2) Downstage left of the elevator are some filing cabinets that can be magicked.

Magic them all for the pieces to build a giant typewriter and an electro port. Charge the port.

The typewriter catches fire- douse the flames.

Build the remains into a minikit.

(3) There are five strings of pennants in the level to destroy. They are: Downstage left from the elevator (Above the magic filing cabinets).

Just above the exit of the first marvel vent you pass through.

In the hall where you encounter Hammerhead.

And one on either side of the round room where you actually fight Hammerhead. Destroying these last two nets the minikit.

Note that the same pennant model is used inside the Kingpin's party, but doesn't score you any rewards there.

(4) After Kamala cracks the safe, smash the safe itself to reveal another marvel vent.

Step through to get the minikit from the office behind that second string of banners.

(5) After making it out of the offices, and fighting off the goons, use magic or teke on the Kingpin portrait stage left of the hallway fountain.

Cut through the gold panel behind it.

The parts garnered can be built into a grav booster. Use it to demolish the fountain, revealing the minikit within.

(6) In the round room where you fight Hammerhead, melt down the giant gold statue of Fisk stage left to reveal a kit.

(7) In the final room, smash everything. It clears the area, gives you some studs, and along the way you'll smash five pink layer cakes, which wins you a minikit.

(8) In the final room, there's a giant gold tommy-gun in a case stage left. Smash the small table in front of it to reveal a magic rune pad.

Solve the rune, then heat beam the gun for another 'kit.

(9) There's a minikit hidden behind the extreme stage right, downstage pillar in the final room.

(10) As the Kingpin's car spins during the final bossfight, you'll have to take out his turrets, which catch on fire. Douse the flames with a cold beam immediately afterward.

When the car blows up, these pieces will be thrown forward, and can be constructed into the last kit.

Accomplishing all that completes the mission.

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