Road to Knowhere Collectibles

Road to Knowhere Collectibles

True Believer: ~75,000 studs

Hidden Character: Original Ant Man

In the same small yard where you grab the riding mower, break the glass case with sonics.

Step on the red button to grow a giant flower which pops out the Original Ant-Man token.

Stan Lee: In the final fight on the rooftop, activate a magic portal downstage right.

Pass through and levitate (or gravitate) Stan to safety.


(1) As the mission starts, nip over to the left fountain and build the available pieces there into a minikit.

(2) Snag another 'kit by entering the Spidey-Sense field just downstage from the fountain, and dodging the resultant meteor.

Search the meteor debris for the kit.

(3) Another front yard kit is in the tree upstage left, as far as you can go.

(4) At the downstage-right corner of the fountain, look for a clue marker.

Follow the trail stage right, swigging by the front gate before discovering a pile of parts just right of the front door.

Build these into a door knocker, and give it a graple-pull to reveal a minikit just inside the front door.

(5) Walk behind the satellite dish in the front yard to find a hidden kit there.

(6) During the course of the story, you'll deploy the front yard sprinklers. Once they've doused the flames, smash all the sprinkler heads to win another kit (they're all at ground level, easily identified by the spinning plumes of water).

(7) In the backyard, use the rune by the fountain in the far downstage left.

Solve this familiar rune puzzle for the fourth or fifth time, and the fountain statue will briefly come to life, releasing a minikit.

(8) In the backyard, smash all the snowpiles downstage left. Build them into a snowman who will remove his top hat to reveal a minikit.

(9) In the backyard, hit the dumpster until it disgorges some pieces, then build those into a grav booster.

Use the booster to reveal a 'kit inside the dumpster.

(10) In the backyard, upstage left corner of the area you need to mow, destroy the silver panel by the portable toilet in the cotner.

After divers alarums, the kit will appear in the potty's remains.

Complete all this to complete this level.

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