What’s Klaw’s is Mined Collectibles

What's Klaw's is Mined Collectibles

True Believer: ~135,000 studs

Bonus Character : Superior Spiderman

Inside the Vibranium mine, right below the magnetic crane, is a Marvel colored vent Kamala can slip through.

Do so to find the collector card.

Stan Lee: Toward stage right are two panther statues flanking a lavafall. Destroy the stage right one.

This reveals another triangle-box rune, like the one you saw in Strange's Sanctum. Solve it the same way.

When he becomes visible, levitate Stan to safety to complete this task.


(1) Melt the gold carts scattered throughout the mine. The first is stage left of your starting point.

Next is just left of the entrance to the blocked tracks.

Then one right of the magnetic crane's base.

One on the level above that, upstage of where the crate is dropped from when you activate the danger-sense area.

And the last one downstage right of the final door, tucked in the corner past the molten metal.

(2) Upstage of your starting point is a small, dark room with a bin of shimmering ore. Levitate that into the chute of the nearby machine three times to reveal a minikit.

(3) Downstage left in the start area, melt the gold panel in the wall.

Pull the revealed loop.

A silvered cage rises into view. Blow it up to score the minikit (you do not need to fly over and retrieve it).

(4) Above the crane is a grav booster. Bomb it, then dig up the dirtpile left behind for a minikit.

(5) While doing the magnetic crane puzzle, lift the second block (the one not on the tracks), to reveal the 'kit.

(6) Use the Cap Shield base just past the first cart-conveyor belt, before the hulk-handled door, to have a minikit dispensed to you.

(7) Use a sonic attack against the glass pane far stage right, near the final door.

This reveals a hackable lazer maze. Run it to dispense the minikit.

(8) By the glass panel / lazer maze in the far right of the level is a yellow jack-hammer.

Mount it like a vehicle, and ride it over to the pyramid of gray stone upstage left of the molten metal.

Come to a stop on top of the pile to chip free the minikit.

(9) In the final door area, power up the motorized bin upstage.

When the kit appears, it will immediately go down the chute stge left, to the crane area. Retrieve it there.

(10) During the final fight, there is a teleporter directly stage left of your starting point.

Use it to access a far platform with the final 'kit (you can not fly across).

Doing all this completes the level.

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