Life is Strange: True Colors Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Alex Chen in Life Is Strange: True Colors.

Life is Strange: True Colors Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Life Is Strange: True Colors is the latest installment of the beloved IP by DONTNOD and Deck Nine. In this article, we will be guiding our readers on how to use cheats and codes for the Xbox One, PS5 and Windows version of the Life Is Strange: True Colors game.

Be forewarned, that there will be spoilers about Life Is Strange: True Colors scattered across this article in order to inform our players about detailed paths, possibilities and cheat codes available in the game. For more cheats and codes from other Life is Strange titles, check out our article on the first Life is Strange or simply click on this link for more content of Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

First, we will provide our readers with a cheat code to find all of the twenty-five memory locations in chronological order.

Memory Locations

Memory #1 – Riley’s Letter

After the player finishes talking to Mac, they will be required to unpack their things the moment they have control in their house. The memory collectible can be found on top of the study desk where they are supposed to go and unpack there.

Memory #2 – Crack

While the player is in their last location, they have to turn aound and face the stairs. In the wall opposite to the stairs, there will be a crack. For those concerned about accessibility, do not worry, as this crack will be highlighted–and the brightness increases as the player approaches it, right below the Stalker poster tat has a tiger painted on top of it.

Memory #3 – Business Card

When you the player reaches the bar as Alex for the first time in the first chapter, they will receive three tasks once they have spoken to Jed. The Memory will be located behind the bar as they make their way from the entrance and into the jukebox.

Memory $4 – Helmet

In the fourth chapter of Life Is Strange: True Colors, when teh player is approaching the mine, they will find a memory associated with a helmet. Towads the left side of the entrance, right next to the mine carts under the yellow chute, is where the memory can be found.

Memory #5 – Phone

In this chapter, the last memory is located inside a phone. After the player enters the building in the mines, they must turn around and look at the door where they came from. A phone will be right next to the door on the left, and inside of the phone is where the memory is.

Memory #6 – Button

Inside of the house, the player must move Alex up the stairs until she reaches the rooftop terrace. After she comes out of the door that takes her to the rooftop, Alex mst then turn left and head towards where the plants are located on the left. The button will be in the plants, and it will contain the sixth memory.

Memory #7 – Rent Check

This memory in Life Is Strange: True Colors is another one that is located in the bar. Also known as the Rent Check Memory, it is easy to spot, and quite frankly impossible to miss if youare looking for it behind where the bar is.

Memory #8 – Umbrella

From the player’s last reported location, they must head to the bar. Behind the bar, after heading left towards the exist, is a memory associated with an umbrella. It will be next to the coat hanger, for anyone who needs an item of reference.

Memory #9 – Gummies

When the player enters the store that Charlotte works in, the Dispensary, they can continue straight towards where the back room in front of Charlotte’s office is. Players must be forewarned, but as one would expect from a CBD-friendly Dispensary, there will be a lot of weed inside of jars and small containers on the shelf. It is in that place that you can find the gummies, specifically they will be on a shelft that has a small jar container.

Memory #10 – T-Shirt

Make your way to where Lethe Flowers is located, then enter the shop. To your left, inside of the blue bookshelf, is where the t-shirt will be located.

Memory #11 – Bomber Jacket

When Alex is in the bar again during the third chapter, she will have to leave towards where the exit door of the bar is. In the direction that the coat hanger, on the left side of the exist door, is Alex has the option to observe a memory from the Bomber Jacket in the coat hanger.

Memory #12 – Dollar

It is mandatory for the player to defeat Wolf after a fight in order to gain access to the memory associated with the dollar once it is dropped after the combat scene.

Memory #13 – Appointment Slip

A key memory that is vital in solving the mystery and motive behind the scenes, Alex has to walk back towards the bar. However, do not enter it as you would normally. Instead, she has to look for a small piece of paper on the ground located in the right side of the entrance door. In it, there will be a memory related to a therapy appointment.

Memory #14 – Old Paper

When Alex finishes visiting the therapy-associated memory, she can now enter the bar as per usual. This has to happen after she talks to the Old Gnome, then Alex has to make her way to where the pool table is located inside the bar. Opposite form the pool table will be twoo round tables that are placed together. On top of the table, next to the cards, is where the Old Paper can be found–interact with it in order to unlock the memory linked to it.

Characters from Life Is Strange: True Colors.
Alex Chen at the back is the main protagonist in the game.

Memory #15 – Valkyrie’s Dish

Inside of The Magpie Emporium recordshop, where Steph wors, there is a dish that belongs to Valkyrie–the cat in the record shop. In Valkyrie’s dish is where Alex can find a memory on the floor, placed to the left of the bass guitar. It is a memory that is easy to find because it is lit with a blue light.

Memory #16 – Pressed Rose

When Alex starts the beginning of this chapter, she gets control in the house and can navigate wherever she wants within the event. Alex must look around her surroudings, and soon will find the Pressed Rose on the wall that is just above the small, wooden dinner table.

Memory #17 – Drum Kit

In the festival, after unlocking the memory assocaited with the Pressed Rose, Alex has the option to go on the stage and interact with the Drum Kit. There is an option where she can play live music in the festival with Steph–no practice needed!

Memory #18 – Microphone

Behind the stagewhere the drum kit is located, Alex can find a microphone behind the red curtains.

Memory #19 – Polaroid

Similar to the first installment of the Life is Strange franchise, Alex–similarly to Max–can also interact with polaroids, albeit in a different manner. Inside of the bar, towards the exit door, there will be a Polaroid placed on the wall to the right of the door. Interacting it unlocks a memory, not time travel. It’s a different game!

Memory #20 – CIT Sticker

While at the festival in Life Is Strange: True Colors, Alex will have to head out in order to explore the town. Then, she will have to go towards the flower shop. After running past the entrance of the flower shop, she wll have to turn right after the corner. There, she will notice (as one would expect from a flower shop) a lot of pots full of flowers in them. The CIT sticker will be on the glass window panel.

Memory #21 – Mom[s Key

When the player is navigating as Alex in the hospital, thye have to go over to the small counter table on the right. Inside of the bag will be Mom’s Keys, and the memory associated with it can be unlocked by interacting with it.

Memory #22 – Business Card

When Alex is inside of the house that belonged to her parents years ago, she has the option to make her way down to the kitchen. On the opposite side of the refrigerator is a business card that is linked to an unlockable memory.

Memory #23 – Guitar Strings

As implied by the festival, Alex and her brother are knowledgeable when it comes to music. In the orphanage, there is a set of guitar strings that have a memory assocaited with them. They are located right on top of the flower beds.

Memory #24 – Pendant

This pendant is automatically obtained when Alex reaches the mines, and has a memory tied to it as well. Interact with it to find out what the memory entails.

Memory #25 – The Second Bomber Jacket

This second bomber jacket, not to be confused with a previous one, is located on a chair at the wooden dining table. Specifically, it is the same small wooden dining table where the Pressed Rose memory can be found and interacted with for the first time.

There is also a lot of collectibles that Alex can find scattered across Haven. To see how many you have unlocked, and which areas and side quests have either been found or completed, simply look at the Chapter Select screen. Then at the Trophy and Achievement list.

In chronological order, here are the items that can be found.

  • Collectible Location #1 – A Letter to Riley (Chapter 1)
  • Collectible Location #2 – Crack (Chapter 1)
  • Collectible Location #3 – Officer Fish (Chapter 1)
  • Collectible Location #4 – Helmet (Chapter 1)
  • Collectible Location #5 – Phone (Chapter 1)
  • Collectible Location #6 – Button (Chapter 2)
  • Collectible Location #7 – Umbrella (Chapter 2)
  • Collectible Location #8 – Rent Check (Chapter 2)
  • Collectible Location #9 – Side Quest: Birdwatcher (Chapter 2)
  • Collectible Location #10 – Side Quest: Hoodie Guy (Chapter 2)
  • Collectible Location #11 – Gummies (Chapter 2)
  • Collectible Location #12 – T-Shirt (Chapter 2)
  • Collectible Location #13 – Bomber Jacket (Chapter 3)
  • Collectible Location #14 – Side Quest: Student’s Lost Song (Chapter 3)
  • Collectible Location #15 – Dollar (Chapter 3)
  • Collectible Location #16 – Appointment (Chapter 3)
  • Collectible Location #17 – Old Paper (Chapter 3)
  • Collectible Location #18 – Valkyrie’s Dish (Chapter 3)
  • Collectible Location #19 – Pressed Rose (Chapter 4)
  • Collectible Location #20 – Side Quest: Jelly Bean Counter (Chapter 4)
  • Collectible Location #21 – Drum Kit (Chapter 4)
  • Collectible Location #22 – Microphone (Chapter 4)
  • Collectible Location #23 – Polaroid (Chapter 4)
  • Collectible Location #24 – CIT Sticker (Chapter 4)
  • Collectible Location #25 – Mom’s Key (Chapter 5)
  • Collectible Location #26 – Business Card (Chapter 5)
  • Collectible Location #27 – Guitar Strings (Chapter 5)
  • Collectible Location #28 – Pendant (Chapter 5)
  • Collectible Location #29 – Bomber Jacket (Chapter 5)

That is all the information we have on the cheats, codes and guides regarding Life Is Strange: True Colors.

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