Game Killing Bugs and How to Avoid Them

Game Killing Bugs and How to Avoid Them

Like any open world game with hundreds and hundreds of playable characters, LMSH2 can get a little buggy from time to time. These are usually just amusing (like Stan Lee running around with no arms), but some bugs can cost you valuable time and collectibles. Here's how to avoid the worst of them.

Feet on the Ground

While the flying is arguably the best part of the game, it can cause some unexpected errors. In particular, during the sidequests where you follow someone from task to task or fight to fight, it's wisest to follow them on foot- flying after them can cause them to lose track of their progress, and just stand there helplessly. You'll also want to stay earthbound for any mission where events are activated by proximity (like Crime Crisis) and during story missions where everyone has to board a given form of transport (like the elevator in Inhuman Nature, or the tram car in On Board the Sword).

Breathing Room

Pummeling enemies is another best part of the game, but don't get to carried away with it. Some bossfights rely on the boss taking action at certain times- if your technique is too flawless, then they die before their scripted responses run, and the encounter becomes unwinnable. So when trouncing evil-doers, remember to step back every so often and give them some room to maneuver. Bosses especially susceptible to such game-breaking beatdowns are Attuma, Kang, Presence-Controlled Captain America, and Torg.

Don't Watch the Credits

I usually encourage people to watch game credits, acknowledging all the hard work that went into the the game, but of all the bugs I encountered in LMSH2, only watching the credits actually blue-screened my computer. So maybe don't do that, this one time.

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