Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ


1) Controls

Basic Controls
A: Fast Walk (Run/Jump in High Profile)
B: Interact/Push (Grab/Tackle in High Profile)
X: Main Weapon
Y: Secondary Weapon
LT: Lock On
RT: Hold for High Profile Mode
LB: Call Assassins
RB: Hold to Select Weapons
LS: Eagle Sense
START: Pause Menu
BACK: World Map

Combat Controls
A: Kick (Strafe while blocking)
B: Grab (While blocking, tap for nonlethal counter, or hold to evade)
X: Main Weapon (Counter while blocking)
Y: Secondary Weapon (Disarm/steal while blocking)
LT: Lock On
RT: Hold to Block
LB: Call Assassins
RB: Hold to Select Weapons
LS: Eagle Sense
START: Pause Menu
BACK: World Map

2) Story Walkthrough

2.1) A Sort of Homecoming

You’ll begin the game as Desmond on a beach. You are only able to move forward, so do that, and you’ll run into Subject 16, a recurring but unseen character from previous games. You’ll follow him automatically as he walks and talks to you, bringing you to a big gate. After he disappears, head into the gate.

A Narrow Escape

In the next scene, you’ll be playing as an old and grizzled Ezio, the main character from Assassin’s Creed II and Brotherhood. The game picks up where the high-definition trailer scene leaves off, in the former Assassin stronghold of Masyaf. Follow Altair up a series of beams to the first platform by holding RT+A to enter free run. Continue to climb up to the final beam, then walk across to the attached platform.

Continue to follow the ghost image of Altair, climbing up the side of the building in free run mode. At the top, you’ll encounter a Templar guard. Press X repeatedly to punch him out. If you want, you can walk over to him and press B to search his body for gold and possibly items. Follow Altair up the wall ahead, then shimmy across to the left as he does. At the leftmost post, climb up onto the building.

Up here, you’ll trigger a scene where Ezio collects the HIDDEN BLADE and an ASSASSIN YATAGHAN SWORD. You can press UP to equip the hidden blade and RIGHT for the sword. Walk along the wall to encounter two more enemies to fight with your newfound sword. Walk up the steps ahead and fight a couple more guards, then continue forward across the side of the bridge with scaffolding.

Next to the scaffolding is a lift. Hold RT and approach it to ascend to the top level automatically. Approach the window in free run to start climbing, then move upward while holding RT to speed up your ascent until you reach the beam above the window. From this beam, jump across to the left to a building extension and climb the handholds above you. Shimmy around to the left, then at the end, jump across several poles to reach a place where you can climb up the wall to a ledge.

Climb up the window ahead, then shimmy across to the left to a ledge directly beneath a guard. Press X to assassinate this guard from below. Jump to the beam across from you, then jump to a hanging light that swings around to another beam, from which you can jump to a ledge and assassinate another guard. From here, climb the pillar on the wall and jump across to the right, where you can climb up to the roof. Follow Altair and approach the eagle statue, then press B to interact.

You’ll emerge from a body of water and engage a lone Templar. This is a good time to counter his attack (RT+X) for a counter kill, which will earn you full synchronization for this mission. Head ahead, and you’ll be given four targets to assassinate. The first one can be taken out with an air assassination (RT+X). Now approach each of the targets and silently assassinate them each, then speak to the man in front of you.

A Journal of Some Kind

The worker will lead you to a mission to recover the Templars’ journal. To get the full sync bonus for this mission, you must not fail any of the tailing segments, so if you get spotted during one and you were aiming for full sync, you may wish to restart.

Turn around, walk to the door leading out of the room, and open it with B. In the next room, go through the door on the right leading outside. Take out the group of guards on your left, then climb the ladder up to the wall and kill another group of four guards. Don’t forget to search their bodies for money and items.

From this wall, jump and press X to deploy your parachute, then steer toward the village area where your mark is headed. This is a tailing sequence, so avoid being spotted. To tail your target, try jumping along rooftops along their path to stay out of sight. If this proves difficult, move in a group of people to hide yourself. If the target spots you, get your distance or blend in with a group of people immediately to avoid detection.

You’ll catch your target, the Templar captain, as he exits the town. He will be getting into a carriage, and you will unavoidably be detected. Don’t worry, this won’t cost you your full sync. Ezio will run after the carriage and grab onto a rope randomly hanging from the back. Hopee he doesn’t get a brushburn. Anyway, that completes this mission.

A Hard Ride

As you are pulled along by the carriage, use the left stick to move back and forth. When the rope begins to tear, hold the left stick up to reel it in, but don’t forget to stop reeling and pull to the left to avoid the upcoming rocks, then right to avoid the next rock bank. After the obstacles are behind you, continue reeling in the rope.

Rocky patches will continue to appear, alternating between left and right each time. Be sure to stop reeling in and move into position well in advance, then continue after each passes. After a few more obstacles, you should pass up the tearing section.

After this, the carriage will enter a narrow pass, and it will become necessary to avoid hitting the walls with each turn. Continue to pull yourself up, and after another section will rocky patches to avoid, you should be able to reach the carriage. Unfortunately, your target jumps across to another carriage before you can get to him, and your own carriage is toppled.

You’ll now be on a separate carriage chasing the target. An enemy carriage will follow you. As it nears you, aggressively steer your carriage into it to damage it. Ramming the carriage will cause damage, as well as running it off the road. You will deal more damage if you wind up more first. When the carriage’s health is depleted, it will be destroyed. It appears that Ezio has quite a need for speed, as it were.

The battle with the Templar’s carriage will be more difficult. Your main concern will not be damage dealt by the opponent’s carriage, but damage dealt by running over patches of rubble. Avoid rubble while trying to strategically shove your opponent into these rough patches. When you reach a fork up ahead, a scene will interrupt the fight, and the mission will conclude with an automatic full sync.

A Wounded Eagle

You will be weakened and facing three guards. Your gun will automatically be equipped. Press RT to lock on, then hold Y to aim and release to fire. If you’re quick, you can shoot the guards before they can get in close. Loot the bodies, then proceed to the bridge ahead. Cross the bridge while the guard is moving away, then equip your hidden blade and assasinate him. Walk up to the waterwheel and ascend, then assassinate yet another unsuspecting guard.

Proceed into the town, which is patrolled by numerous guards. There’s a haystack just behind the carriage ahead that can help you get full sync for this mission. Simply lure enemies to the haystack by triggering the investigative state (yellow) without starting combat (red). When they go to investigate the haystack with you inside, press X to assassinate them and drag them into the haystack. Do this five times successfully with any haystack to accomplish a full sync for this mission.

As you proceed through the town, you will be unable to climb buildings due to your injury. You can, however, use other methods to avoid enemies or sneak up on them. You can use throwing knives to take guards out from afar, or use poison darts to cause targets to make a scene when they die and draw attention away from you. Use the new and improved Eagle Vision (LS) to see the patrol paths of the guards so that you can sneak up and assassinate them from behind.

Proceed through the fairly linear streets until you reach a large gate. Walking through the gate triggers a scene, and you’ll have to fight three guards while still on low health. Block their attacks (by holding RT) to avoid damage. When they are dead, loot their bodies for MEDICINE, then hold RB to open the item menu and select the medicine to heal yourself.

Now that you’re back to full functionality, you can go after the captain. Proceed through the hostile area and avoid or fight any enemies in your path. Head for the marker near the castle and try to climb the wall, onlu to be shot by a gunner on the opposite roof. Climb quickly to avoid being shot, then climb up the next wall until you are propelled upward by a lift.

You will be launched up to the roof, where the captain awaits. This captain proves to be a surprisingly easy fight. Block his attacks and hit him until his measly health is depleted, and a scene will ensue. After the scene, you will have completed your first DNA sequence, earning you the achievement, “Best Served Cold.”

2.2) The Crossroads of the World

When you return to Animus Island, reenter the main gate for the next DNA sequence, where you will find yourself playing as Ezio in Constantinople. Speak to the assassin who greeted you, Yusuf Tazim, to begin the first memory in this sequence.

A Warm Welcome

This mission is simple. Follow Yusuf around as he shows you the city. To keep your full sync, stay close to Yusuf at all times. To walk alongside Yusuf, simply approach him and release the controls, and Ezio will walk with him automatically. When you reach a certain point, a group of Templars will attack you.

Kill the Templars with Yusuf’s help, then run after him. You will encounter another group of Templars, who will be fought off by Ottoman guards. After that scene, follow Yusuf and go into the automatic “walk and talk” mode again. He will take you to the Assassin headquarters. Enter the building to continue to the next memory.

Upgrade and Explore

This mission, if it wasn’t obvious from the title, allows you to explore the city and upgrade your equipment. You’ll need 343 gold to buy your first piece of armor, so if you don’t have that much yet, walk around pickpocketing people on the street with A until you gather sufficient funds. Now head over to the store marked on your map and purchase the AZAP LEATHER SPAULDERS to finish up with this mission.

The Hookblade

Head back to the Assassin’s Guild to meet up with your allies and get a HOOKBLADE, beginning a mission in which Yusuf will teach you to use this new tool. To get a full sync for this mission, you’ll have to perform every hookblade move.

Yusuf will lead you along a few rooftops, then leap across a gap using his hookblade. To replicate this, jump across and hold B to catch the ledge with your hookblade. This move allows you to leap horizontal distances that were previously impossible to bridge.

Continue to follow Yusuf over another gap that you need the hookblade to make, then over a tightrope across a third gap, where you can see one of the numerous ANIMUS DATA FRAGMENTS hidden throughout the city. Past here, you will jump from a wall using the hookblade, and then Yusuf will introduce you to a new move: the long jump.

To emulate Yusuf’s move, you must jump toward a lamp, which would normally cause you to swing around the corner. However, press B when you grab the lamp to pull out your hookblade and swing upward instead, allowing you to cross a great gap. Follow Yusuf and perform two more long jumps, then he will lead you back to your assassin homies.

You will now practice a less situational hookblade move: the hook-and-run. Sprint at an enemy, then hold B to pull them down and hop over them. You can press B instead of holding it to knock them to the ground as you do so. If you performed this and both previous techniques correctly, you’ll get a full sync for this mission.

The View from Galata

Your hookblade training is not yet complete. You must now ascend a tower with your newfound tool, and if you want a full sync, you have to do it in one minute or less. All while learning more hookblade moves, at that. You may want to come back and do this mission a second time once you’ve learned these moves.

The first climbing move you can do with the hookblade is the hook leap. To perform this move, run forward while holding RT and press A to propel yourself into the air. This extends your jump height. While climbing, you can now hold RT and hold A to jump up to the ledge above, then launch yourself up with the hookblade to the next ledge. Use this to rapidly ascend the tower windows, then shimmy across to the next window. Don’t jump while shimmying, or Ezio will jump away from the tower and you will fall.

Continue to jump up and shimmy across to the next grab point when necessary. If you keep going and don’t get stuck or fall, it is entirely possible to get a full sync for this mission when you reach the top. If you fail at this and wish to try again, make sure you restart the memory instead of simply dying, as the game will remember your failure and you won’t be able to get full synchronization until you restart.

At the top, after a brief scene, walk out onto the beam and click the left stick to synchronize the viewpoint, then jump down to perform a leap of faith to complete the mission and start a new one immediately: Advanced Tactics.

Advanced Tactics

Climb the building to catch up with Yusuf, and he will show off ziplines. Run and jump to slide down the zipline. Note that holding RT increases your zip speed. After a second zipline, follow Yusuf and climb a building to reach a third. This is your chance for a full sync. Slide down the zipline, and as you pass over the Templar below, press X to assassinate him and get a full sync. Yusuf will take off and leave you on your own. Head to the tower he points to, and you’ll encounter a fellow assassin nearby. Press B to talk with him. That’s all there is to this mission.

On the Defense

Your Assassin Den is under attack, so you’ll need to play a Den Defense minigame to defend it. This game type is similar to the Tower Defense genre of games: you’ll place Assassins on rooftops and barricades to defend against incoming waves of Templars. To begin, place an Assassin Leader on a rooftop that you want to assign your other assassins to. I recommend placing them near the barricade on your right so they can attack the enemies at the barricade.

Placing this unit, as well as any others, will use a resource called “Morale” that can be replenished slowly by leaders or incrementally by killing enemy units. Once the leader is in place, hold RB and select the crossbow symbol to select an Assassin Crossbowman, then click on two ledges on the roof you picked to assign the crossbowmen to their posts. The battle will now begin.

During the fight, you have a little more to do besides standing around and watching. When an enemy falls, select the enemy with the cursor and press B to loot their bodies with your telekinetic powers. You can also hold X to shoot a Templar with the Hidden Gun, which will also indicate to your fellow Assassins to target the slain soldier’s group.

After the first fight, go to the RB menu again and select the barricade, then use the cursor to place it in the street (preferably near your assassins so they can guard it). After the next fight, go to your RB menu and select another leader, then place him on another rooftop, allowing you to place additional assassins there. Be sure to place riflemen as well, in order to counter the incoming heavy enemies. Don’t forget to use your Hidden Gun, and notice that while your uses of it are normally limited, you can use it repeatedly against enemies that are attacking a barricade.

The next wave will come with yet another power: the cannon. Press LB to shoot a cannonball at a target at the cost of one bar, or hold LB to fire a volley of cannon shots to incapacitate a whole group, though the cost is a full three bars of your cannon guage. You’ll need it too, as a large enemy group is coming in next. If you can survive the next couple of rounds, a new surprise awaits you: an enemy battering ram.

This ram is a good target for your cannon, if you can save up a volley shot. This thing can tear through barricades, so don’t waste too much morale on those. Instead, flood your rooftops with riflemen, whose heavy damage is more effective against the battering ram than the lighter crossbowmen. Use all the cannon fire that you can muster, and hopefully you’ll succeed in bringing it down before it can reach the last barricade.

On the Attack

To begin this mission, head to the docks and speak to the ferryman to cross over to the Imperial District. For a full sync, be sure not to initiate a battle while in the Imperial North District. Your objective is to find out what’s become of Yusuf while you were playing startegy games. As it turns out, he’s gotten himself into a battle. Fight off these templars for him.

Go with Yusuf into the area ahead, which is controlled by the Templars. You can automatically “walk and talk” by approaching him and simply releasing the controls. He will take you to a Templar squad and show off a new tool: the Cherry Bomb, an explosive device that creates a lot of noise and instigates Templars to investigate it. This will allow you to continue walking with Yusuf into the next area.

Yusuf will hand you a bomb and prompt you to use it. First, open the weapon menu with RB and select the Cherry Bomb as your secondary weapon with the right stick. Hold Y to aim the bomb, then release to throw it. Aim for the blue circle so that the Templars will move far enough away that you and Yusuf can pass by. Note that simply tapping Y while running will drop a bomb behind you.

Follow Yusuf up to a rooftop with a zipline. Your objective is to kill a Templar Captain and light the signal fire at the top of the tower while Yusuf creates a distraction. This is where you’ll want to avoid being spotted. First, zip down the line and assassinate the stunned target below, then climb up and regroup with Yusuf.

Press LS to use Eagle Vision, then scan the streets below for the Templar Captain, who will glow gold instead of red like the other enemies. Identify the targets below by highlighting them with the targeting reticule until they turn either red or hopefully gold. As soon as you identify the captain, he’ll start walking with his men.

He’ll stop in a courtyard. Quickly kill the men on the rooftops before they sound the alarm, leaving only the guard and the captain below you. From a nearby rooftop, press X to leap down and assassinate both of them at once. If all of the nearby guards were assassinated first, you shouldn’t trigger an alarm. Now, get back on the roof and climb the tower, then press B to light the signal fire. Completing this mission, will end the DNA Sequence, giving you the achievement, “Istanbul and Constantinople.”

2.3) Lost and Found

The Prisoner

After another scene, you can head back into the gate to start the third sequence. You will be allowed to run around freely, but when you wish to begin the next mission, head to a cage full of prisoners near the docks, and speak to one of them. Your goal is to free and recruit him. For a full sync, you should steal the cage key from the guard rather than killing him.

Head to the indicated Templar-controlled area, then use Eagle Vision from the rooftops to identify your target. If you can, sneak up and pickpocket him without him taking notice, then run away. If you can’t avoid a fight, you can still press RT+Y to counter one of his attacks and steal the key off of him in one move. Be warned that if you pick a fight with him, his guards will come running to join him at a moment’s notice. With the key in hand, return to the prisoner and free him.

The Sentinel, Part 1

For this mission, head to the marked Assassin Den and step into the central light to begin. Select the Assassin in the menu to be the leader of this den. The choice isn’t two hard, as only one is available to you. With that done, speak to the apprentice to begin a mission for him. Be sure to use the Assassin Signal (LB) at least once during this mission for the full sync.

Walk with your apprentice, then head to the objective marker on the rooftop. Your apprentice will take out two Templars, then run and hide in a haystack. There are three more Templars nearby for you to kill. Here’s what I recommend: kill the guard on the nearest rooftop yourself, then signal for your assassins to kill the one on the higher rooftop nearby. With those Templars eliminated, you can safely assassinate the final target from above.

Go to the haystack to speak with your apprentice. You will now need to search the area with your Eagle Sense (LS). Search the nearby bloodstain to reveal a stealthy Templar enemy. Chase him until a scene unfolds. You will then need to fight off a group of Templars with your apprentice, who reveals that the Sentinel you chased was once an Assassin.

Guild Contracts

Approach the marked object directly in front of you to begin the next mission. Select the city of Burma (the only one available) and select the Mediterranean Defense mission “The Little Prince.” Assign your apprentice to complete the mission (again, you have only one choice), then press Y to start the mission. He should have a 100% chance of success anyway.

Bomb Crafting

For the next mission, head to the den to meet Yusuf, who will follow up on his promise to teach you to craft explosives. Approach the crafting table and activate it, then select “Lethal Pouch” in the menu. For this bomb, you are required to use certain ingredients, so it is honestly quite difficult to mess it up.

The first ingredient of a bomb is the casing. This will determine how the bomb’s detonation is triggered. Impact shells will cause the bomb to explode instantly on impact, while the fuse shell gives it the capacity to bounce off surfaces and causes it to detonate after three seconds. Tripwire will cause the bomb to explode if touched, and the sticky pouch will make the bomb stick to its target and detonate after five seconds. For this tutorial, you must use the fuse shell.

Next up is the gunpowder, which determines the explosion radius. Indian gunpowder will create a tight, controlled radius, while Arabic will give you a moderate explosion and British will produce an explosion of a rather large radius. In this case, you must use Arabic gunpowder for your bomb.

The final ingredient is what gives the bomb its effect. As you are making a bomb for your Lethal Pouch, the effects are all items that will inflict harm. Shrapnel will send shards of metal in all directions like a grenade, while Datura Powder emits poison gas and Coal Dust will create a purely explosive bomb whose effects will cripple enemies. You are required to use shrapnel in this first bomb.

After creating the bomb, press Y to test it out in a virtual environment with an infinite supply of your grenade. When you are satisfied, return to the menu and press A to craft the bomb. You must then make two more bombs of the same type by going to “Add Bomb” in your Lethal Pouch and pressing A. The mission is not over yet, however. Head to a man named Reis, who will show you the location of the Polo Trading Post and complete the quest. You will now be able to use Bomb Crafting Stations to make your own bombs.

A Familiar Post

Head to the Polo trading post to begin. You will need to investigate for clues about the Masyaf Keys. Scan the objects in the back rooms with Eagle Sense until you find a hidden door. Ezio will automatically open the door and head inside, to a secret chamber beneath the city. You’ll overhear some guards talk about the key just as you arrive.

The Yerebatan Cistern

Be careful not to be detected at any point during this mission, or you will lose your full synchronization. Jump from beam to beam, walk across some netting, and you’ll come to a lamp. Jump toward it and press B to perform a long jump off of it. Jump to a swinging pole and leap across to reach the opposite side of the cistern, where you’ll encounter chests full of loot. When you’re done looting, run toward the stair-shaped stack of boxes nearby. Climb up to the top, then perform a sideways wall jump to reach the glowing platform. To do this, run up the wall next to you, then push in the direction of the platform and jump again to somehow jump off the wall and grab it.

From this ledge, jump to the opposite pole and then swing yourself to land on the ground. In the next room, you’ll have to avoid the guards but kill their captain to acquire his key. Remember that you need to stay undetected for the full sync. Assassinate any guards in your path on your way to the captain, then kill him. Though it defies logic, Ezio will still somehow recover the key instantly if you kill the captain with a ranged weapon, such as a throwing knife. Head for the cistern door and open it.

Wade through the water to search the chests on the opposite platform, then climb the stair-shaped stack of barrels to reach an opening. Proceed through here for another room full of Templars, with a single captain to recover the key from. This time, his high patrol makes it almost necessary to take him down with a ranged weapon, while also making it the best way to remain undetected. Once he is dead, take the gate to the next area.

The next room contains many chests guarded by a single Templar. Climb the central pillar to reach a platform, then jump from here to a series of beams and then to the exit. Here you’ll encounter another group of Templars with a captain, but you’ll need Eagle Sense to identify him. To get close enough to do that, you can perform a long jump off a lamp to a pole. This may also be a good point from which to hit the captain with a silent ranged weapon. With him dead, head for the exit gate.

Collect the two chests in the next chamber, then use Eagle Sense to find and scan a hidden door. Ezio will knock this door down with a touch of his hand, allowing you to enter. Walk forward and collect the first MASYAF KEY, which looks suspiciously like a CD. This concludes the mission. Ezio will return to Sofia with a map of hidden books.

Curse of the Romani

Leave the trading post, and you’ll run into Yusuf and another mission. He wants you to contact the Romanies for him. As he suggests, use the fast travel network to travel to a location near the mission start point. Approach the Romanies and speak to them to begin this mission. You’ll need to poison all of the Templar targets while blending in with the Romanies, at least if you want full sync.

Approach the designated group of Romanies and hire them. Stand in the middle of the Romanies to automatically blend in and follow them. When you approach the chest, shoot the marked guard with a poison dart to kill him in such a way that it appears he died from the curse. Follow the guards with the chest (while remaining among your Romanies so you stay undetected), and then when they stop, shoot the guy carrying the chest with a poison dart.

The guards will start to suspect that a curse is at work. Continue to tail them, then kill the next guard carrying the chest. With this, the guards will run away, and you can retrieve the chest. Return it to the Gypsy camp, and don’t forget that you can run with the chest to reduce your travel time. The Romanies will now be a faction that you can hire.

The Mentor’s Keeper

Head to the assassin base and approach Ezio’s desk, whereupon he will inspect the key you obtained. You will now be taken back in time to play as Altair at Masyaf. Fight through waves of Templars to reach Masyaf castle, but be aware that Altair does not retain any of Ezio’s fancy equipment, only a few basic weapons. For a full sync, you must save all citizens that are being attacked by templars on the way.

At the castle gates, you will encounter a traitor to the Assassin Order who now sides with the Templars. He closes the gate, so climb up the wall on the right, then leap up with A and grab the ledge with B (Altair lacks a hookblade, sadly). Take out the guards up here and head to the roof above him, then assassinate him from above.

The Sentinel, Part 2

Leave the base and head to the docks to start the next part of The Sentinel. You are tasked with seeking out and finding the Sentinel from earlier. Speak to your apprentice, who will inform you that two assassins have been taken prisoner. For a full synchronization, you should also be sure to avoid detection during your search for the prisoners.

There are guards protecting each location, but a diversionary bomb should serve to distract them. Free the assassins, and the second of them will reveal that the Sentinel is headed to the Assassin Headquarters. Head back to the base, where the Sentinel waits. Chase the Sentinel, and your apprentice will leap from above and kill him. This will unlock the achievement “Seal the Deal” and complete the third DNA sequence.

2.4) The Uncivil War

The Prince’s Banquet

When this sequence begins, Yusuf will already be nearby. Speak to him to begin the first memory. Your objective is Topkapi Palace. To complete your full sync objective, you must get to the objective marker before Yusuf does. You should be able to outstrip Yusuf, but if you become stuck and he gets far ahead of you, you may wish to reload and try again.

You will now have to assault three groups of minstrels. Use Eagle Sense to locate the targeted groups, then descend upon them. Unequip any weapons, then punch a minstrel while your allies do the same. Once the minstrels are knocked out, pick them up and carry them to the nearest haystack, then covertly deposit the bodies in the hay. No one will ever know.

Repeat the process listed above for the next two minstrels. Hop over the low wall to get to the second group of minstrels. Take them out and bring them to the haystack nearby, sneaking past the unsuspecting guardsmen. The final group is in a nearby courtyard, and you can get the drop on them from the roof to avoid the guards. Take your final minstrel body and bring it to the objective marker.

Now that you are completely unrecognizable, attempt to enter through the main guarded door. You’ll have to press buttons to play the lute until the guard lets up and allows you in. Once inside, use Eagle Sense to locate the groups you need to play for. Identify your target and position yourself when playing so that the target is in the back of the group, allowing your fellow assassins to deal with him. Repeat the process with your second target, then speak with Yusuf.

You’ll need to repeat the same process you used to eliminate your previous targets to eliminate the Templars in the crowd, before they assassinate the prince. Maintain proximity to the prince while searching for Templars by scanning the crowd with Eagle Sense. Once one is identified, quickly set yourself up to distract the crowd before the assassins show up to kill him. There should be four in all.

The final Templar will give up trying to do this the stealthy way and go for an all-out attack on the prince. When you see this happen, switch to your hidden blade and run toward the would-be assassin to intercept him. Assassinate the Templar before he can do the same to the prince, and the mission is over.

An Uneasy Meeting

After that mission, you must head right back to the prince’s palace to speak with him. The synchronization requirement to avoid detection is easily met, as long as you don’t go find a guard a pick a fight with him. The conversation will lead right into your next mission, so climb up to the roof to reach the tower, then drop in through the trapdoor at the top.

The Fourth Part of the World

Your objective for this mission is to help out Sofia, whose ship and cargo have been intercepted. It seems you’ll just have to go retrieve the cargo yourself. The full sync requirement is that you avoid detection yet again. To do that, you’ll have to be willing to get a little wet.

Swim into the harbor and climb up onto the boat’s ledge, then grab one of the guards above as he passes for a ledge assassination. This leaves only one guard, whom you may eliminate however you wish. With the guards dead, approach the cargo they were guarding.

Use Eagle Sense to scan the cargo until you identify Sofia’s belongings. Once you’ve spotted the goods, pick them up and head back to Sofia’s shop. You’re not out of the woods, however, until you escape the restricted zone undetected, so give any nearby guards a wide berth. Otherwise, you could lose your hard-earned synchronization at the cusp of your victory.

Signs and Symbols, Part 1

This mission has you scaling a legendary landmark: the Hagia Sophia. There’s an objective marker at the very top of the long climb. From the marked location, use your Eagle Sense to search for symbols on the nearby buildings. The one you need is to the southeast of your location. Once you spot it, scan it to confirm that it’s the symbol you’re looking for.

Descend from the tower. You can either use your fancy parachute or perform a leap of faith like a good old-fashioned Assassin. Head to the building with the symbol you saw earlier and climb it. You should find the book you were looking for at the objective marker. This mission will be continued in the next memory sequence.

Galata Tower

Begin the mission by climbing to the top of the tower. The objective for full sync is to complete the area in a mere six minutes, a task best saved for your second attempt at the mission. Take your first attempt as the opportunity to learn the directions you need to follow to maximize your time. Shaving your time down to less than six minutes will certainly be a challenge even once you know where you’re going.

After entering the tower, descend the spiral staircase. At the bottom of the stairs, jump toward the lift in the center. During your descent, direct your descent to avoid four hazards that can cut your fall short. When your fall ceases, climb up into the crane until you reach the topmost ledge, then jump backward from the surface to land on the ledge of an arch.

Shimmy to the right, then jump across to the platform near you. From here, take the zipline down to the caverns. The first chamber contains a wooden ledge to jump up to. From here, use the hookblade to perform a long jump off of the lantern. Upon landing on the opposite side, climb the ledges and shimmy around to the other side at the top ledge. Jump backwards from here, and you should be able to grab the pole with your hookblade.

Swing across from the pole and walk across the beam you land on to reach a zipline. Jump at the end and scale the waterwheel. Shimmy around until you can jump backwards and catch the opposite ledge, then proceed to a beam and several jumps. At the end, climb the wall to reach a second zipline that will take you through a waterfall. At the end, scale the wall ahead.

Head to your right, up another wall, and onto some scaffolding, while promptly collapses as you cross it. Take a third zipline, then perform a leap of faith from the waterfall. Climb out of the water and head right, then jump across the gap with your hookblade. After the broken bridge, ascend several beams to reach a zipline again.

Surprisingly, ziplines can break, which is what this one does. I understand this goes against basic video game principles, but bear with me, as your goal is in sight. Ascend the cliffside to reach a door with your reward. There are three chests in the area to loot. After that, use Eagle Sense to find a secret door with the second MASYAF KEY.

Mentor’s Wake

This is another Altair mission, which is accessed from the headquarters like before. Your full sync requirement is not to lose more than 3 synchronization points, which is an unnecessarily confusing term for HP. In this sequence, carry Al Mualim’s body through the crowd to the courtyard gate. Once you reach the pyre, light it to begin a scene.

After the scene, you must fight several assassins, but you can’t kill them. You must instead go unarmed and disarm them. Unfortunately, this automatically equips the stolen weapon, forcing you to drop it and unequip yourself again each time. Use the flashing health indicators on the enemies if you need help with the timing. After the fight, Abbas will use the Apple of Eden.

You must now climb the tower, which is made difficult by the fact that the energy waves unleashed by the Apple will knock your grip loose. The key is to wait on solid ground for the energy pulse to pass, then continue climbing. If you are knocked down by the Apple’s power, press B to grab a ledge as you fall. You must hurry to reach the top of the tower before Abbas runs out of health. At the top, grab the Apple to save him. You’ll get the achievement, “The Prince.”

2.5) Heir to the Empire

The Janissaries

To begin this memory, seek out a merchant in the market area. The merchant will give you your target, a man named Tarik, and you’ll be off to the marked map area. For a full sync on this mission, be aware that you’ll need to distract two guards using bombs. Fortunately, there are cherry bombs in a chest nearby if you are lacking in diversionary explosives.

At the marked location, make use of Eagle Sense to identify your target. Follow him while maintaining your distance, hiding in groups of people if they are moving in his direction. The target will occasionally turn around, so you’ll want to be in some kind of concealment when he does this. After following him for a bit, a brief scene will occur at a checkpoint.

Tarik has escaped past two guards, and you’ll need to get rid of them. This is the time to break out those cherry bombs (or other distracting bombs you may be carrying, such as smoke bombs). Throw a bomb off to a safe distance to get the guards out of the way, then continue following your man. Don’t let him out of your sight for more than half a minute, or you’re desynchronized.

You’ll pass some Romanies as you continue following, and it will make your job a lot easier if you hire them and use them as moving cover, so Tarik won’t see you even when he turns around. Then, when he passes another couple of guards, you can send your Romanies to distract them. Sadly, this means you’ll have to go on alone.

Tarik will head down into an alley of sorts. You can follow from the rooftop above or go around to avoid being seen when he turns around in that narrow space. After he comes out the other side, resume your pursuit. You may encounter a last group of guards, in which case you can distract them or call your assassins to eliminate them. Keep tailing him until he crosses a bridge, and you should be done with the mission after that.

The Arsenal Gates

For this mission, you’ll be instructed to bribe three heralds, which will cost you a little pocket change. If you’re broke, of course, there’s no better way to get pocket change than by picking pockets. Once your bribery is complete, speak to Yusuf to get this riot started. Note that once the fighting begins, you’ll need to keep more than forty rioters from dying to get a full sync.

The first wave of enemies will be the easiest, but certainly don’t be complacent. At the beginning of the battle, you can bring in your assassins to help. Nonlethal explosives can also help by disorienting enemies. Luckily, with so much fighting going on, it’s easy to walk around backstabbing the enemies with the hidden blade while their busy with rioters.

After the first group of enemies is dead, there will be a second wave. As soon as the Janissary shows up, sic your assassins on him before he starts killing rioters left and right. The rest of the crowd is less hazardous, and you can generally use the same tactics from the first wave. The faster you drop these enemies, the more likely you are to make it through the mission with under forty deaths.

Arsenal Infiltration

The last memory leads right into this one. The surrounding area is enveloped in chaos and destruction. As soon as you gain control, use Eagle Sense and you’ll be able to follow the path straight to Manuel, your target. As a forewarning, you’ll need to assassinate an enemy from a zipline to get full sync for the mission.

Enemies may attack and delay your pursuit, or if you’re quick, you may bypass them entirely. You’ll especially want to avoid those bothersome Janissaries, who should ignore you if you stay away from them. The trail leads to the docks area. There should be a zipline on a building nearby, and it should take you right over an enemy sentry. Perfect chance to get that assassination, no?

Enter the search area, colored green, after dealing with any enemies pestering you. Your Eagle Sense should lead you into a building, which will end up getting you into an uneven battle. Hightail it out of there one way or another; a good escape route takes you across the ships in the harbor, and a zipline there can make for a good air assassination opportunity if you missed the last one. Once you reach the point of safety, you’re done.

Portrait of a Lady

This mission has you going after a precious painting for Sofia. For the full sync, you must steal it without being seen by its possessor, a merchant. First, though, you’ll have to find out the merchant’s location. This can be found out from a man in the market area.

Use Eagle Sense to find the man, who should be a gold figure sitting on the ground. Scan him to verify your target. The only way to get the information you need is by violence, so equip your firsts and fight him hand-to-hand. A single counter will end the conflict, and he’ll reveal the merchant who has the painting.

Once you’ve found the merchant, getting his painting without being detected can be a troublesome objective. You’ll need to distract him or conceal yourself somehow. One method is to pay the Romanies to provide you with crowd cover. Money bombs can also serve as the distraction you need. During your window of opportunity, grab the painting and run. Back to Sofia, of course.

Signs and Symbols, Part II

This is essentially the same as the first Signs and Symbols memory. No full sync to worry about. Just go to your marker and climb the tower, just like in the first mission. Using Eagle Sense, look to the nearby aqueduct. Of the three symbols on it, scan the central one for the book’s location.

To actually reach the book, you’ll have to jump across to the aqueduct from a nearby building using your hookblade to extend the jump’s reach. Check the marked area for the book. This will reveal a new location, which will lead into the next mission when you arrive.

The Forum of the Ox

This mission is basically a free-running quest, and it will lead you to the third Masyaf key. To get a full sync, you must avoid taking any damage. There’s not much in the way of fighting to worry about, as you’ll mostly be on the chase, but be careful nonetheless. This may be one of those missions you should come back to after beating it once, if you’re having trouble making it all the way without getting hurt.

Head across the poles to reach the dock, then follow the torches to the left. Run through a cave along the path with some broken arches, and you’ll end up racing a boat. Keep going along the path that is essentially set out for you, and don’t stop lest you take a hit from a projectile and lose your full sync.

When you see a lamp ahead, jump off of it with your hookblade to long jump. After briefly losing control, continue and you’ll have to jump over several difficult gaps, which will require your hookblade’s reach. When you see a zipline conveniently pointed out to you, use it. Another lamp means another long jump for you to perform off of it.

At this point, a bridge should get demolished, leaving you to traverse flaming poles. Enemies will be shooting at you, so keep on the move, and you should hopefully avoid damage. Proceed until you reach a second zipline. Jump onto it and it should take you right to your assassination targets. Descend upon them with an air assassination.

After the boat guards are dead, it will crash. You’ll have to fight four more guards after that, but this should be a piece of cake for you. Just be defensive to avoid taking damage; I recommend countering one guard’s attack, then chaining the attack to each of the surrounding guards to take them out fast. After that’s done, loot the chests and uncover the secret door with Eagle Vision as you have in the past. Within lies your prize: the third MASYAF KEY.

A New Regime

Head back to the Assassin HQ for another Altair mission. As Altair, follow Maria to Abbas. After a scene, you’ll have to either fight or run. Note that Altair has upgraded since the last time we saw him, and is now equipped with two hidden blades. Escape the fortress by jumping through the window on the upper floor and head back to the village.

Darim, Altair’s son, joins up with you here. You’ll have to stick by Darim’s side now, or you’ll be desynchronized. This means you’ll have to fight your way through the town. Darim will occupy enemies, allow you to assassinate them from behind. When you see the enemies on the rooftops, take them out with throwing knives so that Darim will continue.

Continue as various escape routes are blocked off, until finally Darim comes up with a plan of his own. Follow him up to the roof, and he’ll perform a leap of faith. Follow in his footsteps and do the same to proceed. Again, you’ll have to fight your way through and knife the enemies on the rooftops. Once the path is clear, run to the exit. Completing the sequence earns you the achievement “The Plot Thickens.”

2.6) Fortune’s Disfavor

Into the Shadows

Proceed to the main mission marker, and you’ll uncover the location of a Janissary. Your objective will be to assassinate him, but of course, it couldn’t be easy. Get too close, and you’ll invariably get his attention and fail the mission. For a full sync, you must assassinate him from a hiding spot.

First, use Eagle Sense to locate your target. Once he’s been identified, you’ll need to draw him to a hiding spot. The best tool for this is a cherry bomb. Throw one over by the nearby haystack, then dive into the hay. When he comes over to investigate, assassinate him from within the haystack. Nearby guards may investigate explosions as well, so wait until there are no other enemies nearby for best results.

Honor, Lost and Won

Your last target has graciously furnished you with a Janissary disguise. With this, you’ll be following a group of other Janissaries to reach your target. Stay close to your unit as you follow. You can even blend in with them to follow them automatically. Along the way, you’ll be forced to beat up a civilian to maintain your disguise.

Upon reaching the camp, your previous victim, the real Janissary, has been discovered, so the guards will be suspicious. If you get too close to them, they will expose you. To get past the guards blocking the way forward, find a moving group of Janissaries and blend in with them as they enter.

This is where it gets tricky. You’ll have to move from your current convoy to a group of Janissaries standing around on the other side. When the guards are looking away, run from this group to a bench with Janissaries. From here, wait until you’re in the clear, then leave the bench and head to the corner of this area, where you can climb up the wall without being detected.

Travel along the wall to reach the third section of the camp, where you’ll find your target, Tarik’s tent. After the guard on patrol has passed, drop down, then blend in with the nearest Janissaries. A scene will ensue, and the moment of truth will be at hand. Here, don’t forget the full sync objective of killing Tarik with an air assassination.

Here’s the best way to accomplish this. When the guards aren’t looking, skip from your current group to another Janissary crowd near the wall. Wait for another chance to move undetected, then scale the wall and hope you aren’t seen in the process. Move across the scaffolding, which contains a few chests to loot. When your target is below, lock on to him, then initiate the assassination.

Bearer of Mixed Tidings

Enter the restricted area of the palace, and this mission will automatically begin. You can’t kill anyone, or your full sync is lost. The easiest method to avoid having to kill anyone is to hire the group of Romanies near the west entrance and move within their group, making you effectively invisible. Don’t get too close to the guards, though, or the Romanies will break off to distract them.

Suleiman, the man you need to speak to, is marked on your map, so take the staircases to reach him. After the scene with Suleiman, you’ll have to hire a second group of Romanies if you want your escape to be as simple as your entrance. Once you reach the wall on the southwest end, climb it and exit the area.

A Little Errand

This is a mission for Sofia, and it’s pleasantly simple; no full sync restriction to worry about this time. From Sofia, head to the florist, marked on our map, and when you reach your objective, a scene will ensue. After the scene, follow the florist.

As usual, you’ll need to avoid being seen during your pursuit. The florist only occasionally turns around to look for you, so he shouldn’t be too difficult. He also isn’t especially quick to become alarmed if he sees you, so just put some distance between the two of you if you’re seen, and he should disregard the matter.

At his destination, you’ll find his precious flower garden. There are flowers all over the place, but you need only to pick three of them. With the flowers in hand, head back to Sofia, who is also marked on your map, and speak to her. That concludes your quest for her.

Signs and Symbols, Part III

This is pretty much the same as the previous two missions of the same name. From the tower, you should be able to see several symbols with Eagle Sense. The one that holds the book you seek is the Little Hagia Sophia building, which is on the other side from where the mission began. Recover the book, and prepare for the real mission.

The Maiden’s Tower

For a full sync on this mission for a Masyaf Key, be sure not to fall in the water. Now, proceed into the room on the right and interact with the drain. Proceed along until you reach the entrance to this area. Note that the “puzzles” you face in this mission all require you to navigate various areas within a limited time.

Pull the switch on the right, and you’ll have less than a minute to reach the newly opened hole in the wall, which is up on the wall to your left. Activate the device within, and a scene will ensue. Afterward, jump across to the ledges on the block and climb down, then jump across to the previous ledge. Continue downward, then shimmy over and drop down to reach the platform on the left.

From the platform, use the beams to reach the next switch. Pull it, then climb the wall on your right. Jump backwards at the top to a pole, which you can swing from to reach a ledge. Perform a long jump off the lantern and continue to the switch ahead, which will trigger another scene when pulled.

After the scene, there’s a straight shot to the next switch, which activates the next timed puzzle. Jump to the wall across from you and climb up. Jump from ledge to ledge to reach a platform. Proceed around the corner and jump from ledge to ledge, then turn right and cross the ledges, but be careful not to fall into the water below.

When you reach the column, climb it. At the top, shimmy around to the other side and jump to the opposite column. Shimmy around to the right on this one, then jump across to a few beams leading to the next switch to pull, initiating another scene. Afterward, proceed ahead to the switch and start the next puzzle. Don’t worry; you’re getting close.

Jump to the ledge on the rock face across from you, then shimmy around to the left. Jump to the ledge across from you, then run along it and jump to a pole. Swing across to the next ledge, and you’ll come to a wall that you can climb. At the top, shimmy to the right and jump across to a beam. Proceed across the beams, then jump from the final beam and swing to the switch. Pull it to complete this last timed puzzle.

When you regain control, climb the rock wall ahead. At the top, jump to the left and cross the beams to reach another rock. Climb up, then jump from there to the wall. At the top, climb up another rock, then jump from the top of that to another climbable rock. Continue climbing up to the top, then jump across to the statue with chests and the MASYAF KEY.

The Mentor’s Return

This is another Altair mission, which can be triggered from the headquarters. Follow your fellow assassin to the path where two guards wait. These captains, as well as Abbas himself, are the only people you can kill during this mission if you want your full sync. Killing these two is simple enough; you can just walk between them and use your dual hidden blades for a double assassination.

The next captain will be talking to his men, and after a short while, he will attack the nearby group of assassins with them. This fight is the perfect opportunity to kill him; just walk up behind him during the battle and assassinate him, then get out of there without killing anyone else or drawing unwanted attention.

Head through the Masyaf gate, where a group of guards will attack you. Do not kill them, as this will cause you to fail. Instead, go weaponless and beat them up or disarm them in combat to dispatch these foes as you head up to Abbas’s location. When you have control of Altair again, shoot Abbas.

Setting Sail

Ezio’s part in this sequence isn’t over yet. Your last mission will take place at the dock. The condition is tough: for a full sync, you must not kill anyone with blades. Bombs and other non-blade-based weapons, however, are okay. Speak with Yusuf first to begin the memory. It’s time to kiss Constantinople goodbye for one whole sequence.

Enter the area ahead and hire the Romanies nearby, then blend in with them. This will save you the necessity of having to resort to your forbidden blade weapons. This will help you get past the guards and reach the lighthouse. Climb up the lighthouse, then shimmy around it and drop down to the street. However, be sure there aren’t any patroling guards waiting down there for you before you jump. Interact with the chain down here.

After the scene, you’ll be surrounded by guards. Ignore them and run to the end of the ship, leaving your fellow assassins to deal with the guards. Once you’re anonymous, use the Greek Fire flamethrower to light all of the surrounding boats. Light them on fire and continue to bombard each boat until it is destroyed.

Once that’s done, the rest of the mission is fairly linear. Climb the sail and jump across to a beam, leading to another ship. Proceed to the marked location, then jump to the lantern and perform a long jump to escape with your life. Continue across the next boat, then jump from the bow to yet another ship.

After the scene, you have but to jump across to the ship across from you to trigger one last scene interruption. Jump from the ledge on the left and ignore the guards, instead running to the front of the boat and finally jumping to your own boat. Don’t miss and land in the water here, or it’s an instant desynchronization for you. Your success is accompanied by the end of the sequence and the achievement “Successes and Failures.”

2.7) Underworld

This hidden city can only be experienced during Sequence 7, Underworld. If you want to return to collect items or animus fragments, you can do so by replaying the first memory in this sequence.

The Hidden City

Welcome to the hidden underground city of Cappadocia. This is a sneaking mission, so you can’t afford to be apprehended by the guards, or you can kiss your full sync goodbye. Follow the corridor at the beginning into the city proper. There are quite a few Templars around, but the ones you have to worry about are the gunmen, who will spot you and attack, ruining your full sync.

Head toward the prominent tower in the middle of the city. At one side of the wall, you should be able to climb up. The climb gets a bit trickier once you reach the wooden platform; jump across the beams on the left, and you’ll reach another climbable wall section. This should take you to a broken bridge with a chest to loot. Pass the bridge to reach more beams, which will take you to another climbing place. From here, head up to the top and take a look at the view. In other words, synchronize.

Once you’ve synced up, drop down into a convenient haystack below. A guard will be patroling the area nearby. The best way to get rid of him is to assassinate him from the hay. Now head toward the green search area on your map while avoiding any other guards. When you arrive, switch on your Eagle Sense. Locate the trail in this area and follow it to a group of pedestrians, one of whom is Tarik’s spy. Pursue her and speak to her.

The Spy Who Shunned Me

Of course, your dealings with the spy will continue on for a while longer. Notice the clever Austin Powers reference in the memory title? The guy they pay to come up with mission titles at Ubisoft is clearly too clever for his own good. By the way, you can’t kill anyone in this mission, or your full sync is forfeit. Don’t forget!

Ascend the stairs to reach the location marked on your map, which takes you into a restricted area. You’ll find your target in the crowd, watching a fight. As usual, you’ll need Eagle Sense to pick him out from the commoners. Once you identify him by scanning, walk up behind him and pick his pocket for the key. Now leave before he wises up, and head back the way you came from.

Naturally, there are guards all about that you must avoid. You can either try to avoid them, distract them with bombs, or run past them before they notice you. Just don’t get spotted and don’t kill anyone. Back at the prison, find the cell and use the key to open it.

The Renegade

For this quick mission, you’ll have to fight a few enemy Templars while protecting Janos. Of course, you can’t let your ally die, but if you want the full sync for this mission, you can’t let Janos’s health fall below half either. Honestly, it shouldn’t be that difficult, as this sync requirement is easy to meet even without setting out to do so.

To reach the riflemen, climb up the wall and ascend using the damaged pillar. Climb up, then position yourself over your target and assassinate him from above. Now proceed and ascend to the second guard, whom you can assassinate from below with a ledge assassination while hanging from the railing. From the platform up ahead, jump up onto the beam, and you should be able to swing to another beam close to the next guard.

Jump up to the ledge above and perform another ledge assassination on the third guard. These kills have been fairly straightforward, but the next one has a bit of a trick to it. Ascend the last wall, then perform a wall jump away from it and press the assassinate button to kill the last guard. Now walk out onto the cross overhanging a pit, and from here, assassinate your final target, Shahkulu, in midair.

Of course, he’s not that easy to kill. Furthermore, he has reinforcements to aid him. The common guards are easy enough; you’ve been fighting these basic enemy types for the whole game by now. Shahkulu is a bit more difficult, but he’s not so different either. Simply fight him as you would fight a Janissary. Unlike his enemy counterpart, he has no guns, so all the better for you. Now, finish him for real.


Once you start this mission, you can’t explore the hidden city anymore, so finish up your business here first. Also, be sure to equip yourself with the best bombs you have, in both the lethal and stun categories. Why? Because this mission requires you to make it through without taking any damage if you want a full sync, and it also requires you to fight many groups of enemies to progress. Some high-explosive shrapnel bombs can alleviate this difficulty.

First off, it’s “Climbing the Tower, Part II.” You already did this in the first memory of the sequence, so I’ll stop holding your hand and let you climb it like you did before. This time, locate the nearby tightrope and cross it, then take the zipline. You’ll be dropped into the weapon depot with several groups of Templar enemies. I recommend liberal use of explosives and a defensive strategy for these fights. However, don’t go hitting yourself with your own bombs, or you’re kind of putting the cart before the horse. Save a bomb, too, for the last (and biggest) fight.

After ascended a couple flights of stairs and fighting a few groups of enemies, you’ll find the explosives you’re looking for. Now proceed through the weapons depot until you finally reach the stairs leading down. The final encounter here will be the biggest yet, with about eight enemies total. What better time than this to use a bomb and take out a whole group at once? The answer is that there won’t be one. Hopefully you saved at least one. After the last battle, descend and plant the explosives on the door.

Last of the Palaiologi

Did you enjoy the full sync requirement for the last mission? Well, if you did, then good news: the exact same applies for this mission. You still can’t take any damage. Gladly, the fighting isn’t quite so heavy, but it’s still an easy requirement to fail in almost any situation. The only real difference is that this time, the smarter choice is to run from battle instead of fighting directly.

First off, you’ll want to start running immediately towards your objective marker. You can travel by streets or by rooftops, but if you choose the latter, don’t making any foolish jumps that might cause you to lose your precious health. Keep running until you reach the objective, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the guards apprehending you. When you arrive, go to Manuel.

After the scene, Manuel escapes and you are faced with several enemies. Fighting them is a waste of time and a hazard to your full sync objective, so ignore them. Well, not “ignore,” if you’re going to take me 100% literally, but “avoid.” Instead of wasting your time with the guards, circumvent them and climb the gate that Manuel passed through as he fled. The guards shouldn’t cause you any trouble once you’re on the other side.

Continue on ahead, and you should catch up with Manuel at the dock. Now that you have him cornered, Manuel will draw his weapon and attack almost immediately, which can catch you unprepared and cost you your full sync. However, if you know he’s going to do this, you can simply counter his attack for a quick, safe kill.


This mission presents a rather unique challenge. Ezio must not fall below 50% health in this mission. First off, this gets easier if you have better armor, and thus more total health. Secondly, you can heal with medicine as much as you please, as long as you don’t let your health drop to less than half before using it. On the other hand, not only can you lose health by fighting, but as you run through the smoke, it will drain your health.

You start off in the middle of a fight with a group of guards, easily killed with a counter and a combo. Run up the stairs and fight a few more guards, and you’ll have the opportunity to escape. Out in the city, the smoke will start draining your health, so here’s where the medicine trick comes in handy. New obstacles will be obstructing your path, making your escape even more troublesome. Thankfully, Eagle Sense allows you to see through the smoke.

The passage that serves as your escape route is guarded by a final group of templars, including a tough leader. If you can’t be troubled to fight him, a bomb can handle the situation. Otherwise, use defense and counters, then flow into a kill combo, and you might be able to get the leader in the middle of your combo. After the scene, there’s one more memory to this sequence.

Passing the Torch

The simplest mission of its kind, with no special requirement for a full sync. Simply guide the Polo brothers out of the fortress, and if anyone tries to stop you, use the Apple of Eden to make them think twice. As you slowly descend the hill, just keep mashing the attack button and your enemies will be helpless to stop you. When you reach the tower, use the Apple from up there to hit a wide radius, then descend and finish escorting your allies out of here. The achievement you receive is “Old Boss, New Boss.”

2.8) The End of an Era


It’s nice to be back in Constantinople. What’s even nicer is that you’re closer to the end of the game than you think, as Sequences 8 and 9 are fairly short and sweet. If you’ve been following my full sync instructions, you are now close to getting 100% on every mission in the game. Here’s the goal this time around: kill five guards in melee without taking a hit. The game qualifies this with the phrase “if attacked,” but what they really mean is, “when you are attacked.” Avoiding combat won’t get you a full sync.

Have a look around Sofia’s place, and you’ll come across a body. Poor Yusuf. Next thing you know, a scene goes by and you’re at a gate. With your assassins at your side, head into the gate, where you’ll encounter some guards. You’d best get killing if you want those five kills in a row, because your oh-so-helpful assassin pals are also maddening kill-stealers. On the bright side, once you get your combo, you can enjoy having unlimited assassin signals at your disposal, including arrow storms. This can be helpful against the leader types.

Enjoy the killing as much as you want, but whenever you’re ready, you can bypass the fight and head straight onward after your target. Run after him and climb the building, then descend upon him. You can’t really kill him, as angry as you (and Ezio) might be, so there’s no need to press “assassinate” this time. My apologies if that’s what you really wanted to do.

The Exchange

At last you have a breather between missions, and you can start this one at your leisure. However, if you’re like me, you’re probably excited to play the ending of the game. In that case, head on down to the Assassin Headquarters to start out. It’s another one of those missions where you have an ally you must protect from losing 50% health for a full sync, and don’t let her die or you fail completely. This time, however, it’s Sofia, so the stakes feel higher somehow. Bring a parachute, and your life will be significantly easier.

After starting the mission, meet up with your fellow assassins at the marked point, then climb up to the wall near the nearby tower. Once you regain control of your character, it’s time for the game’s ultimate climbing challenge: scale this tower. If this were Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, the tower would be impossible to climb. You must use the hookblade to extend your jumps. Don’t get overhasty and jump from the tower by mistake. Really though, if you can’t climb buildings by now, I wonder at how you got along thus far.

At the top of the tower, you’ll see a scene, and then it’s time to head down and save Sofia. Now, you could descend normally and fight your way through the streets with your assassins. That’s the hard way. The easy way is just to use a parachute and glide toward Sofia’s location, bypassing the enemies in the streets. This way, you’ll almost surely get your full sync. As soon as you arrive, free Sofia.

End of the Road

Would you believe that this is the last memory in the sequence already? You should be getting deja vu, as this scene has you returning to where we started this game: racing in carriages. Of course, this is once again no gentle journey. You’ll still be fighting by pushing other carriages off the road in the first part and assasinating the guards during the second part. In fact, the full sync requirement here is that you kill a total of 20 guards this way.

Instead of worrying about enemy carts, focus on staying on the safe terrain, and let them run through the rocks. This should actually damage them a lot more than if you were focusing on trying to push them off the road. After you overcome two carriages, you’ll encounter Ahmet. In an all-too-familiar scene, you’ll be pull along, but this time, you’ve got a parachute. Press the button when prompted to deploy it.

While gliding through the air, steer yourself to avoid trees and buildings, which will damage you. Thankfully, you can use medicine if you get hurt this time around. When an enemy passes below, you can perform a special aerial assassination while gliding. Work quickly to rack up 20 such kills and satisfy the full sync requirement. You have a decent length of time in which to accomplish this, so don’t get too frantic.

At the end of the road, it’s time for a fight with Ahmed, man to man. This fights a little different from the usual Assassin’s Creed fare. When Ahmed attacks, hit the block button, even though the blocking doesn’t seem to be working out too well for Ezio. When Ezio starts to be able to hold his own, switch to attacking, but don’t forget to block when your attacks are returned. Eventually, Ahmed will fall, and the sequence is finished. You’ll get the achievement “Priorities” for the sequence. By the way, that was your last full sync for the whole game. Once you’ve completed all of them, you’ll get the achievement, “Fond Memories.”

2.9) Revelations

A Homecoming

Now for the final sequence of the game. Like the previous one, it is short in span, but epic. No full sync to worry about anymore, so enjoy your hard-earned ending. Welcome back to Masyaf, by the way. Follow Sofia into the fortress, then pass through the hidden passage to the library that she locates. Wish I had known about this little shortcut nine sequences ago.

At last, you’ve returned to this door, now with all five keys needed to unseal it. However, there’s a little puzzle for you to solve first. Use your Eagle Sense to reveal the puzzle, which requires you to complete a constellation shape with the keys. You should be able to produce the shape in the upper right by rotating the keys. With that, it should be simple enough to figure out.

With the door open, pass through the corridor ahead. Ezio will stop at each torch to light it, making this journey a slow one. At the end, proceed forward and approach what appears to be a throne of sorts in the middle of the room ahead.

Lost Legacy

Remember the last memory? Basically, follow the exact same path as Ezio, but now as Altair. There are a few differences across the timespan. Altair is putting out these torches, not lighting them. They won’t be lit again for hundreds of years, or until a few seconds ago, depending on how you subjectively perceive the timestream here. At the objective, place the Apple of Eden, then approach the chair and rest there.

The Message

This the final mission, if you can even call it a mission. You’re Ezio again, back at the chair. Recall where you just placed the Apple of Eden as Altair, and go to that spot as Ezio. Approach the Apple of Eden… and you’ll get a really long cutscene. You get the achievement “Revelations” for completing this sequence, and the game itself.

Was that a bit cheesy? Admittedly yes, but it’s a hell of a lot closer to being climactic than previous Assassin’s Creed games have been. Anyway, congratulations on beating the game. You’ll now be returned to Constantinople as Ezio, to before the turmoil that began in “The End of an Era.” Feel free to continue rebuilding Constantinople, collecting items, performing repeating missions, and collecting Animus Fragments to unlock episodes of Desmond’s Journey. To unlock all five usable gates on Animus Island, you need 30 fragments in all.

3) Desmond’s Journey

3.1) Doubts

These missions are played from the first person, but the basic controls are the same. Head up the stairs ahead and the wall will open up, revealing a beam for you to walk out on. Drop down a series of platforms, and you’ll come to a particularly long drop to a platform far below. You don’t really need to worry about falling damage in this world, though, so simply drop down. Even if you fall into the chasm below, you’ll be teleported back to the entrance of the room.

On the bottom level, press A to jump across a path of blocks toward the platform in the center of the room. The doorway on the left leads to a room with a button on the wall resembling the click icon (a finger pointing). Press this button to open the nearby barrier. Pass through the barrier into the next room, where you’ll see a projection from Desmond’s early memories.

Proceed to the far end of the room, where some stairs and ramps on your right lead up to the level above. Take the thin bridge across and walk around the ledge to reach the next hand-shaped button, which will unlock another barrier. Through it, turn left and go up a ramp leading to another doorway, this one leading into a room with a black tower in the center. Circle around the tower and head down the stairs leading into it.

Drop down the platforms ahead, then approach the moving platforms. Wait for one to come down to you, then jump to it. Then, when the platform raises, jump to the next one, and then again to the next, until you reach the upper ledge. Drop down into a hallway that will take you out to another room. Drop down to the bottom level and take the glowing bridge to another moving platform, which will take you up to a button.

The button causes another bridge to appear. Drop down and cross this bridge, which will take you to a ledge by a moving platform. This time, walk straight across the platform and go around the ledge to hit a button before you take the platform up. At the top, use the bridge that the button created to get up to a gate. Walk through the gate, and you will get the power to place a floating platform in front of you by pressing RT. Change the shape of the platform with LB and RB, and delete platforms with X.

Use the bridges to cross the gap ahead, and you’ll come into a roof full of moving blocks that will send you back to the start if they touch you. At first, you can simply make a path around, but eventually you’ll need to be able to raise and lower yourself. To go up, press LB and RB to change your bridge shape to a ramp, which you can traverse to go up. To go down, jump downward and place a platform to catch yourself. When you reach the blocks moving in a circular motion, be sure to “steer” yourself with bridges so that you move away from the incoming block.

The floor ahead holds a MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM. Collect it, then use ramps to get up to the opening on your left. This will take you back to the starting room, except this time, you can simply use ramps or bridges to get yourself to the platform across from the starting area and pass through the gate. Before you do so, however, return to the original path, and you should find a second MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM in the room after the farm scene. Passing through the gate will end this first level of Desmond’s Journey and earn you the achievement, “The Early Years.”

3.2) Training

Proceed through the corridor into the first room. Place ramps to create a path to the opening on the other side, but be aware that the wind in the room will move your blocks over time. The second room contains numerous data streams, which send you back to the start if touched. Avoid the first two by ascending with ramps, then drop down and catch yourself with a block. The final stream waxes and wanes, so wait for the interval where you can safely pass through.

The next room contains orange-colored fields that prevent you from making blocks within their confines. Drop through the gap at the end of the room, then as soon as you’re past the barrier, catch yourself with a block and proceed. This room has a wind effect that pushes your blocks down, so you can use this to descend by placing a single block in it. To climb back up at the next windstream, you must place ramps and ascend against the current. At the top, you can find a MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM.

Proceed on the block path to a room with a big eye. Proceed to the next room by placing more blocks. This room contains a barrier that will prevent you from placing blocks. Go to the wind stream and place a block there, then use the propulsion to bypass the barrier. Past the barrier, you’ll need to drop into another windstream and place another block to be propelled to the platform.

The next area contains data towers that will delete your blocks on contact. Use a block in a windstream to rise above the barrier, then maneuver to avoid the data towers. The wind will move you back and forth, which can steer you past the obstacles, but you may need to take the matter of steering into your own hands by adjusting your blocks.

When you see Desmond’s childhood memories, look behind them for a MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM. This room requires you to proceed through a path blowing up while making paths to avoid the data cubes. You’ll have to drop down at one point, so position yourself so you won’t contact the deleting surface. The final room is surprisingly simple. Just make a block path across to the gate and enter. You earn the achievement “The Reluctant Assassin.”

3.3) Escape

Cross the gap with a bridge of blocks, then when you reach the barrier, fall through it and immediately make a block to catch yourself on the other side. After that, your goal is the switch on the other side of the room, represented by a hand symbol. To reach it, make a path up to the beams, one of which holds a MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM, and walk through the orange barrier. Once you’re through, make a path to the switch. After hitting it, cross the beams again to reach the newly opened doorway.

The next room contains a moving barrier that destroys your blocks as it passes. To cross, wait for the barrier to leave and then place a block path. The following room is much the same, only with multiple moving barriers and intermittent platforms. The trick is to bridge across to each platform along the way to your destination and wait there for an opening to create the next path.

In the next room, place a block and place a block in the stream to proceed. When the ceiling lowers, you’ll have to drop and catch yourself with a block. Once you’re able to do so, make a path up to the crossed beams where you can pick up a MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM. By placing blocks against the wall, you can prevent them from moving and create a stable path to the exit.

The next area contains a cycle of moving barriers. As each barrier passes, creates paths, and when the next barrier moves through and destroys your block, drop and catch yourself with a block below the barrier to get past it. Repeat this process for the next room, which is essentially the same except for an unpredictable wind. The third room is even more complex, but luckily some large blocks appear to help you across the gap. At the end is the exit and the “Escape to New York” achievement.

3.4) Metropolis

This journey comes with a new obstacle: a moving laser grid. Wait for an opening before proceeding. The lasers will wipe you out, but they won’t affect blocks. Once you’re through, make a ramp up to the next one. Pass through this one through an opening on the right at the opportune moment. Proceed to the final laser array, which can be passed through either on the left or the right when the openings appear. Now make another ramp up to the next room.

This leads to another laser room, and when you enter, collect the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM on your left. Use ramps to pass over the lasers and the chasm, then at the exit, wait to fall through the laser array until the opening appears for you to jump through. After each array, land on a block and wait for the next one to open up before dropping again. After the third array, you reach the bottom.

Cross the bridge in the next room. After doing so, a barrier will appear and the bridge will disappear, but the path through the lasers will open. There is also wind that moves your blocks around unpredictably. Use ramps to pass over the lasers, then when you have to go around the lasers, keep to the left path. Finally, you reach a room where you must simply create a bridge across. The wind will blow you down and take you to the switch you need to press, which restores the bridge.

The next group of lasers sways back and forth across the room, so pass on the right while the lasers are on the left side of the room. Descend by catching yourself with a block to collect the low-hanging MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM. After that, you can use ramps to get up to the end of the room, and proceed to the gate. You will unlock another achievement: “The Rotten Apple.” Only one journey remains.

3.5) Regret

Enter the elevator and push the button. The elevator doesn’t actually move, so throw down a block and ride the wind field up. Proceed through the unobstructed paths, and don’t miss the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM as you cross the walkway. As you proceed, you will encounter incoming barriers, so steer around them with your blocks. On the other side, press the button to open the next elevator.

Enter the downward wind field and create a path to the opposite side while avoiding data blocks. In the next room, there is a barrier moving back and forth across the room. After it passes, create a path to the nearest safe ground, then proceed each time it passes until you’re across. When you reach the elevator, use a block to ride the lift upward like before.

Hug the right and you’ll come across another barrier. This one is rapidly opening and closing like a gate. This requires you to quickly make a path and cross during the interval when it is open. Cross the data stream while avoiding barriers, and you’ll come to another gateway barrier. Pass through it just as before, by quickly making a path and running across it while the barrier is open.

The final obstacle simply requires you to forge a path across while fighting a wind that constantly pushes you back. This means you’ll have to place blocks quickly, as your progress constantly degrades. On the other end, take a left to collect the last MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM, then take the opposite path to reach the last exit. For completing Desmond’s final journey, you receive the achievement, “Are You Desmond Miles?”

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