Ongoing Quests

Ongoing Quests

Some quests continue on even after game completion. You don't get any percentage points or special unlocks for them, but you can earn some studs and have some fun. These quests can be found-

  • In Medieval England- the smithy has a compass quest to gather gems.

  • In Xandar – the guy who made you fight scorpions with Aracnido Jr has reformed, and will now let you fight scorpions for perfectly legitimate reasons.

  • In Sakaar, the hombre outside the quarantined museum has a compass quest to round up other infected Imperials.

  • The bronco-like Arquinade will pop up in random locations around Chronopolis

  • The Wakandan who lost her pigs will continue to lose them on a regular basis. They're just a compass quest now- you won't need to solve any puzzles to free them.

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