Bonus Mission 1: Collectibles

Panic at the Park Collectibles

True Believer: 36,000 studs

Stan Lee:

Stan is hanging from the giant mechanical assembly by the Fabulous Flying Furballs sign.

There are two pressure panels up top. Use Squirrel Girl to acrobat up the spinning grips on the right, then pull the Hulk Handles to access one panel.

Send Hunk up the other side and smash through the semi-cracked wall to reach his panel.

This will power up a console down below you can activate with Koi.

This deploys a safety net for good 'ol Stan Lee.

Pink Brick:

Right by Gwenpool is a little placard with her face on it. Destroy it.

Use the pieces to build a little standup-figure.

There's a clue marker just in front of it- follow the trail to snow pile, and dig up a bit of fairground photo fluff.

Do the same for the placard by the pamphlet table just behind Gwen.

And for the placard far stage left, on the docks by the bridge.

Score all three to get the pink brick.

Hidden Character: Take a Magic User to the closed souvenir stand upstage right.

Magic it open, then levitate the blue,red, and green balls into the blue,red, and green baskets, respectively. Doing so yields the Silk card.

Doing all of the above completes the level.

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