Bonus Mission 10: Collectibles

Gwenpool Bonus Mission 10: Poole Party Collectibles

True Believer: ~75,000 Studs

Pink Brick: Just as the level begins, smash away the drink dispenser by the aquarium, stage left.

Slip through the vent, and Mind Control one of the swimmers.

Use them to hit the button on the crate upstage right to release the pink brick.

Jump up and snag it.

Stan Lee: From the starting point, fly upward and look right for a vine-shrouded hut.

Slice your way in, then smash the drink machine in the far left corner for some pieces.

Build these into a Cap Shield receptor, and throw a Cap Shield into it to free Stan.

You don't technically need to blow up the silver bars here, but they do lead to a waterslide.

Hidden Character: Mysterio

Smash everything near the hot tub volcano. Some things may need to be smashed twice to get the buildable pieces you need.

Build a trackball interface, and roll left to trigger an eruption.

Snag Mysterio's token from the water.

Doing all these things completes the level.

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