The Sorceror’s Stones

The Sorceror's Stones

After assisting Arthur in Royal Rampage, speak with Merlin inside the castle.

Follow your compass to find the stones. They are- behind some barrels in the castle,

by the English billboard,

on a Nueva York rooftop,

amongst undergrowth by a tree near the pig jousting field,

on a dome-top in Wakanda,

in the bushes by a panther statue in the Wakanda palace complex,

in the corner by a ramp in outer Wakanda,

atop that quart-circle building in Manhattan,

on a ruined building ledge by the bay in Manhattan,

and in the coreward-most corner of Liberty Island.

Return all ten to the castle to unlock Merlin.

This also unlocks a Gwenpool mission in the castle.

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