Interlude – Swing City

Interlude – Swing City

Before the next level starts, there's a bit of interstitial action where you have to chase down the Vulture in Chronopolis. Use the green speed boosts in his wake to catch up.

When you do catch up, you'll have a quick-time event for a brief pummeling.

You'll have to do this about three times before the Vulture flees, and tags out for the Green Goblin of 2099. This fight is exactly the same, except the Goblin sometimes leaves a pumpkin bomb in the middle of his speed boosts.

If you're having trouble catching up, note that his flying route is a big loop. You can cut across corners or even cut him off at the pass in order to get close.

However you proceed, his defeat leads to a cutscene back in the Mansion, and a choice for the next level.

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