Lair of the Panther

Lair of the Panther

Note the doorway beneath the waterfall in Wakanda.

Solve the basic rune puzzle there to access the lair.

Inside, you'll find a large apparatus with four cranks. You can only use the leftmost when when time is wound all the way forward, and a plant fills the pit in front of it, and you can only use the rightmost crank when time is wound all the way backwards, before that crank fell apart.

When the apparatus is functioning, you can see that it requires a four-symbol combo to unlock. Note that every panther statue down here has a four symbol combo on it base, but they are all different.

However, only one statue matches the statue on the machine. Use that combo (elbow, vulture, wide-H, half-circle), to unlock the machine.

This wins some studs from the machine, and a gold brick from the base of the combo statue.

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