Home Repair Puzzle

Home Repair Puzzle

This is the spot with the grouchy Lemurian people keep talking about.

Dive down in to the water to get a handle on the situation. Essentially this is a sliding puzzle to assemble this guy's house. It'll be smaller than you might think- the entire thing will fit in just one 'arm' of this cross.

The easiest way to proceed is just by match the roof segments- none of the pieces can be rotated, so a piece that looks like the far right corner *has* to be the far-right corner, etc. You'll want to start with the farthest middle pieces, which are the couch bits with the round cushions.

Assemble the entire house back-to-front like this, leaving the front facade of the house for last.

This is enough to finally shut up the homeowner, and win a brick.

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