Album Art

1. In a back-alley garage, along with a rusty Potomac Ascent, behind the Silvio Collateral pawnshop. Dusty in Memphis.

2. In the stairwell of the building where you kill JC McCall, the enforcer of the Blackmail Racket – Psychotic Reaction, Count Five.

3. In an empty stall in the park east of City Hall. Etta Jones – Don't Go To Strangers.

4. On a ferry in the Louisiana Shipping terminal in the southwest. Otis Redding – Dock of the Bay


Communist Propaganda

5. Pasted up outside the north canal entrance, which is north of the city library. There's a Playboy down this canal, while you're in the area.

6. Outside an embassy building east of Giuliani's Italian Restaurant

7. Outside main entrance to colonnaded, theatre-looking building south downtown.

8. Outside south wall of a dockside warehouse, dead south of the Construction safehouse.


Hot Rod Magazine

9. In the sewers. Nearest entrance is through the parking garage where you meet Harold Cauley for the 'Construction' racket. Break in to the fenced-off area, down the stairs, through the door, and straight-ahead on a table in the corner – June 1966.


Repent Magazine

10. Left on the bench after your first downtown meeting with Donovan. Issue #3, complete with Donovan's room number.


Playboy Magazines

11. On a desk in the upstairs office of the Best Oil in the northwest corner of Downtown – Jan 1967.

12. A few hundred feet inside the north canal entrance (where a commie propaganda poster hangs or hung) – Nov 1966.

13. Hidden in the northeast quadrant of flowers surrounding the Jackson statue – Jun 1967.

14. Inside a dusty office with a radio, on a dock southwest of the Children's Hospital – Dec 1964.

15. Inside a portable behind Shaker's Club and Bar – Apr 1965.


Vargas Paintings

16. In the office of the Blackmail safehouse

17. Leaning behind the counter of Royal Hotel's front desk.

18. In the office of the Construction safehouse

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