Vito Scaletta

Vito Scaletta – The Made Man

The hero of Mafia 2 and putative boss of River Row- now he works for you.


These perks are unlocked as the total take of Vito's rackets increases.

Income $0 – Consigliere: Stash your cash on the go

$30000 – Hit Squad: Call in armed backup

$60000 – Mob Doc: Add a Health Bar

$10,000 – Mob Doc: Add another Adrenaline Shot

$14,000 – Consigliere: Locate enemies, collect kickback

$18,000 – Mob Doc: Improved Stamina and Health recovery

$22,000 – Enforcer Hit Squad: Call in Heavier Backup

$27,000 – Mob Doc : Add Another Health Bar

$32,000 – Mob Doc: Improved Stamina and Health recovery

$37,000 – High-Impact Hit Squad : Call four-man kill-crew.

$42,000 – Mob Doc : Max Health Bars.


Select Weapons

These weapons are acquired as favors from Vito as you grant territory and accrue loyalty, though they can be purchased normally later in the game

Silenced Masterson – A fairly accurate silenced pistol, that use an ammo carried by many enemies. You could win the entire game with just one of these in your hand.

Hartmann 7.62mm – Giant machinegun, just a little too inaccurate to be much good. Stick with assault rifles.

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