Eos: Supply Loss and Recovery

Supply Loss and Recovery

Location:Eos (post radiation recovery)

You can pick this one up from a terminal in the Prodromos general store, or by coming across wrecked supply sites in the wild.

Either way, SAM will fill your map with supply drop sites. At each you'll find the same thing- wreckage overrun with bugs.

At this point you can chose to simply report the issue as a wildlife problem, ending the quest early and unsatisfactorily. However, if you scan the wreckage, and follow up by scanning the wreckage at other sites, SAM will develop another hypothesis.

This leads you to a hidden camp of supply thieves. You can choose to either push them further into exile, or let them join the Prodromos colony. There are no current consequences for this choice.

Either way, be sure to snag the titanium deposit by the back of their enclosure.

File your report back in Prodromos to complete the mission.

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