Kadara: Modern Medicine

Modern Medicine

Location: Kadara

In the upper level of the Kadara Slums, find a Dr. Nakamoto operating out of a shipping container.

Talk to him for a lead on a medical discovery of his that Sloane has turned into an addictive drug. You can retrieve the formula from his old lab in the badlands, just northeast of the city

There is a substantial Outcast presence outside, but nothing you haven't seen before, and the high-cover terrain makes it hard for you to be effectively flanked. Clear out the opposition, then enter to find an asari non-combatant.

She'll talk about Nakamoto's sinister agenda, but her story doesn't add up (and a nearby terminal casts further doubt on her credentials). You can leave the formula if you wish, but there are no benefits, the drug trade continues, and Nakamoto will not appear in the Kadara outpost (once you get around to founding it). Better to take the formula, and return to the doc. You get his gratitude, and a higher-than-usual AVP bonus (73 points, plus 5% Kadara Viability).

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