Kadara: The Baryte Rush

The Baryte Rush


In the lower floor of Tartarus, you'll find a Salarian named Derc in a corner with two asari lovelies

He'll pitch you job- nothing shady, just checking up on a geological surveyor who's gone missing. Follow his navpoint to a small, hillside cave in Draullir. SAM detects high levels of toxic gas inside, but this never become an issue.

Virtually every dead end here has a container, so feel free to meander, but find the missing person in a cave at the eastmost end of the tunnel network.

He seems to have died of natural causes. You can now return to Derc with the news- this gets you Viability and XP, but no actual credits.

However, the mission's real purpose seems to be giving you a chance to stumble upon the secret Collective base, in a door to the south (launching the mission The Collective Base).

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