Nexus: Getting to Know the Nexus

Getting to Know the Nexus

Location: Nexus

It would be much harder to dodge this achievement than miss it- all you need to do is talk to the central figures of the Nexus. You can do this during your very first visit. Addison is at the very top tier of the Colonial Affairs section. She doesn't like you much. Tann is in his office in Colonial Affairs- talking with him is your first objective once you're in the Nexus proper, so just follow your marker. Kesh's office is on the opposite side of the room from Tann's. Leaving Colonial Affairs, Kandros is the turian in the Militia Office, standing next to the Death Star hologram. At the opposite end of Operations from Colonial Affairs are the three scientists, Herik, Lucan, and Aridana. Talk to all of them to complete this Task

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