Voeld: Settling Voeld

Settling Voeld

Location: Voeld, actually

Once you've run enough missions to bring Voeld's Viability up past the 40% mark, you can establish an outpost there. No Krogan vs Kett melee this time, just activate the beacon.

No flyby and no science-or-military choice this time- you'll be catapulted straight into a conversation with holo-Addison. You talk a bit about the Angarans and then Ryder records a few words for posterity.

For this you get 1600 AVP and a +20% boost to Voeld's viability. You'll also start out in the same room as outpost captain Priya Blake, who can hook you up with the Missing Science Crew task.

Note as well the Model Turian Frigate two rooms north of Priya, on a table.

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