Daughters – Complete Walkthrough

Resident Evil: 7 – Daughters

This episode takes place from Zoe's perspective, the night that Eveline washed up in the Baker's home. As a story it is, perhaps, better imagined than actually played through, but there are two achievements associated with completing it. You get one for finishing with the 'good' ending, and another for the 'bad.' The two paths are pretty similar, but we'll note the spots where they diverge.

The story opens with a newscast about the storm, and is followed by an inescapable little scene as Jack brings Eveline in from the storm. Let the dialogue play until you can finally leave the room.

Good Ending: Stick to Lucas like jam on toast. When he sits down at the table, he'll enter his phone password, which you'll need later. The code itself is '1019.'

You can now explore the house, if you like, but there's only one item you can pick up. Drop down to the crawlspace in the pantry (that room with the hatch past the kitchen) and snag the lockpick that's right at your feet.

Go to the laundry room (aboveground or underground, as you like), and grab the Change of Clothes from the table in there.

Interesting focus on laundry, as everyone seems to be wearing the clothes they're going to wear for the next three years.

Take the clothes upstairs.

Good Ending: Stop off in the Bathroom, and use the Lockpick to snag a Small Component from drawer under the sinks.

Go to the Kids Room, where two short scenes play, and we learn that Eveline can't play nice for even an hour.

You can now use your lighter with the left mouse button. Keep it lit to explore, but shut it when sneaking (as you'll have to do later)

Good Ending: Use the Small Component in one of Lucas' trophies to extend the attic ladder, then enter his phone code (1019) into the laptop there. Reading this intel gives you access to a key item later on.

Go downstairs to the dining room to check on an unconscious Lucas. There's nothing you can do for him, but this silently triggers the next part of the plot.

Go back upstairs to see a light shining from the bathroom. Peek in for an unpleasant encounter with Marguerite.

Once that's over, go down to the garage and open the door. You could look at this rope before, but now you can actually pick it up.

Head back to the bathroom to find that the situation has deteriorated. When this scene ends, you'll be pursued by a murderous, bloodspattered Jack (ah, so many memories…). Run to the Rec Room, close the door behind you, and use the rope to keep it shut.

Inside Grandma's room you'll find a fork on the table, past a pile of old tin cans.

Use the fork on two nails from the boarded up window to get out on the balcony.

Here, turn right, making for the Main Hall.

Good Ending: At the end of the balcony, you can see a red toolbox. If you read Lucas' laptop in the attic, you can shimmy through a gap in the left to gain access to the box, and the dogshead relief.

At the end of the balcony, leading back into the house, is some sheet metal that can be pulled open. Sneak inside just in time to see Lucas being dragged away.

Now turn off your lighter, because you're going to have to sneak past Marguerite in the Main Hall. She's not super observant, but you're a very slow sneaker, so play it cautious. Your main ally in the table in the center of the room- try to keep it between the two of you, if possible.

Where you sneak determines which ending you get.

Good Ending: Sneak to the front door, and activate it with the dogshead.

Run for the trailer to find an unconscious Mia.

Read her note and inspect the specimen head to trigger the end of the game (good).

This unlocks the achievement One Instinct : Survival

Bad Ending: Sneak to the door leading to the Dining Room area. In a scripted sequence, Marguerite catches you just as you open it, and regains herself long enough to hand you a car key.

Head for the garage, but be prepared for Jack to ambush you near the laundry room corner. Run inside the laundry (it's not a safe room yet,so Jack *can* follow you inside) and drop down to the crawlspace. Emerge in the pantry, and use the lockpick to snag a broken bottle from the drawer here.

Sneak to the garage and open the door. In a scripted event, Jack will catch you, and you'll use the bottle in self defense. When free, make for the car, and let the ending play (bad).

This unlocks the achievement Butterfly Effect.

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