Cheat Code Central: Alone In The Dark 2 Strategy Guide

Cheat Code Central: Alone In The Dark 2 Strategy Guide

Alone In The Dark 2 Strategy Guide

Note: This game was also titled Alone In The Dark: One-Eyed Jack’s Revenge.

Fighting can be made easy by always closing on the target and punching them as often as possible. Most of the time, the opponent will keep shooting towards but behind your character. Most of the opponents with Thompson guns have poor aim and often fire at some spot on the wall instead of at your character.

Stay close to the walls (especially in the Garden).

Always pick up all objects found on your opponents.

Some weapons seem weak in attacking power but can be very useful when speed is important (e.g., the revolver and the punch).

Do not use flasks unless your character’s health is below 40 points. Your character has a maximum health of 50 points in the earlier portion of the game, and flasks always restore a minimum of 10 health points.

Wait until the Thompson is out, or very close to being out of ammunition before reloading. Ammunition clips for the Thompson always reload the weapon to 30 rounds, regardless of the previous amount in the gun.

Carnby: The Garden

Punch out the stunned guard and take the Thompson, the clip and the flask.

Run down the right side of the walkway towards the house. By moving quickly rather than shooting, two more guards can be avoided. Push the large statue of the anchor and enter the garden.

There is someone just behind the first path to the left of the entry path. Kill him and take the photo. Examine the photo.

Continue down the entry path, turn right and kill another man. Take the clip and the flask. Go to where that man appeared from. Take the rope. Note the large diamond card on the ground.

Return to the entry path, and walk to the crossroads. Follow the path towards the top of the screen. Go to the end of the path and take the clip that is hidden there.

Return to the crossroads and follow the path towards the bottom of the screen. Kill the man that will appear. Take and read the book. Continue along the path until the hook is found. Take the hook. Step on the large diamond card.

Carnby: Under The Garden

Go straight forward and punch the green zombie.

Walk towards the ladder. Take the flask. Ignore the ladder and go to the other part of the underground area.

Take the torn notebook. Push the chest to raise the altar. Take the metallic jack of diamonds. A ghost will appear behind your character. It can be killed with the Thompson. Take the pirate’s saber.

If there are men waiting at the entrance (location with four cards on the ground), it would be a good idea to use the metallic jack of diamonds on the altar and escape by that route. If not do not use the jack and climb out by the hole your character entered the underground area.

Carnby: The Garden Again

Either escape route will lead to a three-way intersection. Enter the L-shaped path. A demonic face will appear in the bushes. Continue walking to the left. Shoot the fat man carrying a shotgun and walk to where he appeared from. Not turning will lead back to the crossroads.

Cut the moving branches with the saber. To minimize damage, attack by pressing Action + Up , and press Down immediately after a successful hit. Save the game. The little brown spot behind the trees to the right is Shorty Leg, and he is tough to kill. Run to the end of the path and use the left side of the statue as cover. Use the revolver and the Thompson to kill him. Do not worry about using all the ammunition.

Take the flask and the newspaper page. Use the hook to attach it to the rope. Use the hook and rope to make the statue’s arm move. Enter the base of One Eyed Jack’s statue.

Carnby: Under The Statue

Your character will fall a long way and lose all his weapons before landing on a platform. Tap Walk briefly to move in small, precise steps. Take the nickel, crank, and paper bag from the platform.

Walk towards the door. Take the notebook and the pipe cleaner from Striker’s corpse. Use the torn notebook to create a detective’s notebook. Read the notebook. To get the key to open the locked door, use the newspaper under the door, then the pipe cleaner. Use the key to unlock the door and enter.

Carnby: Basement

A man will be sitting next to a barrel at the far end of the room. There are two ways to get rid of him.

  1. Get behind the barrel, just beside the lever. Use the paper bag to fill it with air. Use the paper bag again to pop it, and wait until the man rises to his feet. Push the lever and quickly move to the left.
  2. Fight the man and try to force him off the cliff.

Take the riot gun, the manuscript, and the flask. Read the manuscript. Go to the right of the grandfather clock and use the crank to open the secret passage.

Enter the secret passage and take the book. Read the book. Follow the passage and take the riot gun cartridges. Enter the elevator.

Carnby: Basement Hallway

To kill Music Man, tear his pact. Take the hook. Sounds from the shooting gallery will be heard. Enter the door.

Carnby: Laundry Room

Take the battledore and go to the next door. Do not go upstairs.

Carnby: Shooting Gallery

To kill the two men, stay in the doorway and shoot the first man using one shot (the riot gun cartridges must be saved for the next section). Walk backwards and wait for the other man to appear. Kill him with the battledore. Re-enter the shooting gallery. The two men were shooting at some rotating cards. Try to align four diamonds to open the door by shooting the rotating cards.

Carnby: Secret Distillery

When the door opens, a man will appear. Kill him and enter the cellar. Get the flask. Take the whiskey bottle, but do not drink it. Use the nickel in the slot machine to get two tokens. Take the book from the back of the room and read it.

Return to the shooting gallery. There are two options here.

  1. Give the man the whiskey bottle and take his bag without a fight. He may appear in the guard room later, where he must be killed.
  2. Kill the man with the battledore, frying pan, or by punching him.

Open the bag and put on the Santa Claus costume.

Return to the laundry room, and walk upstairs.

Carnby: Ground Floor Hallway

To get kill the little cook walking down the hall, and to safely move past the statue, wait until he walks in front of the statue and start running to trigger the trident. Duck in the kitchen to avoid being hit. Go to the right side of the statute and take the crown.

Carnby: Kitchen

Enter the kitchen and take the frying pan and the eggs. Listen to T-Bone’s clue. Use the frying pan to fight with T-Bone; it will block incoming darts. Eat the eggs to restore health points.

Take the wine from the stove and the poison from the ground next to the dumbwaiter. Use the poison on the wine.

Carnby: Guard Room

Return to the door in front of the statue, in the ground floor hallway. Drop the poisoned wine in front of the door to eliminate the guards.

Go through the guard room door use both tokens in the barrel organ, which faces the statue. The golden token will make a doubloon appear on the floor. Take the doubloon. The wooden token will open the door to the dormitory. Go to that door.

Carnby: Dormitory

Enter the dormitory and take the bulletproof vest, clip, and Thompson. Do not use the bulletproof vest yet. Do not reload the Thompson; it will jam in a later section.

Carnby: Second Floor Hallway

Go upstairs and leave the other two doors closed.

Kill Black Hat, the laughing pirate. Use the Thompson until it jams. Then, close on him and punch, close again, punch, and repeat. He usually will miss with his gun.

Open the door and enter the hallway. Open the door in the middle of the hall.

Carnby: Pool Room

The man in this room will throw a derringer. Take it quickly and use it to kill the man. Take the sword stick. Take the piece of parchment and the book from the bookshelf. Read the book.

Carnby: Second Floor Bedroom

Return to the hallway and open the nearest door (the other door at the end of the hall is the bathroom, and does not contain anything of interest).

Two ghost arms are protecting the other half of the scroll. The scroll is not required, but is needed to solve the next puzzle without further assistance. Use the sword stick to kill the arms. Stay beside the window, hack, get back, hack again and repeat.

The answer to the riddle on the parchment is to use the crown on the white bust.

Walk to the door to the right of the bust and enter the sorcery chamber. The door in the chamber leads to another bathroom, and does not need to be explored. Take the amulet. Your character will levitate and be teleported.

Carnby: Loft Teleport Room

Take the flask and the note. Read the note. Open the door and go immediately to the left.

Carnby: Attic Hallway

Take the Thompson and the clip. Use the bulletproof vest. Wait here and get ready to shoot the two men that will appear. Take the grenade and the flask. There is a key on the ground, that may be difficult to see. Take it. Enter the adjacent open room.

Carnby: Attic Junk Room

Use the doubloon on the jack-in-the-box. Take the pompon. Return to the attic hallway and go to the closed door.

Carnby: Attic Bedroom

Open the door and enter the room. The only way to get rid of the puppet is to throw the pompon through the archway into the next room. The puppet will go after the pompon and be killed by snakes. Enter the next room. Use the grenade next to the chimney. Save the game. Go down the chimney.

Carnby: Ground Floor Dining Room

The grenade killed two men, but there is still one man remaining. The best way to kill him, is to run to the kitchen. Shoot him as he enters the doorway. Take the red pool ball from the Christmas tree and return upstairs to the pool room.

Carnby: Pool Room

Use the ball on the Chinese billiards table (large box with holes) to reveal a secret door. Use the key on the door and enter.

Carnby: One Eyed Jack’s Secret Room

One Eyed Jack will tell the tale of the Flying Dutchman. When he leaves, use the hook to open the gate.

At this point your character will always be captured by Elisabeth Jarret. The quickest way to continue is to go downstairs and walk towards the kitchen.

Grace: Outside The House

Your character is now Grace Saunders. She will be in front of the house, in the entry way. Move to the rear of the car. Kick the trunk by pressing Action + Down . A man will come out of the house and start the car. Climb in the trunk of the car when it opens. Take the billiard ball.

Walk, do not run, up to the hook next to the men practicing in the gazebo. Take the hook. Walk back to the car.

Walk to the left of the screen and find the golf hole. Use the billiard ball and place it in the hole. A statue will rise out of the ground next to a tree trunk.

Go to the statue. Use the hook on the statue. A pirate will appear out of the tree trunk and capture your character.

Grace: Galleon Brig

Elisabeth Jarret will tell her story. After she leaves, press Action + Up to slide the board on the wall. Enter the next room.

Grace: Galleon Guard Room

Approach the parrot. Take the seeds, the sandwich and the pepper pot. Give the seeds to the parrot to receive a clue. Eat the sandwich to restore health. A map of the ship may be viewed on the wall.

Grace: Galleon Second Level Corridor

Leave the room through the open doorway, and immediately go to the left. Hide in the small niche until the pirate stops walking. Run to the ladder at the end of the hall (ignoring the ladder in the middle of the hall), before the pirate catches your character. Climb up the ladder to reach the first level corridor.

Immediately climb the ladder in this area to reach the ship’s deck.

Grace: Galleon Deck

Find a safe way to the open hatch across the deck without the pirates noticing. This is a very difficult section. The best way to get there is to walk behind the sitting pirate. Then, walk to the rail of the ship. From there, walk to the right until your character is across from the hatch. Walk towards the barrel that is next to the hatch. There is a tinderbox on the deck between the barrel and the pirates. Move carefully to the tinderbox and take it. It is important not to move too close to the pirates. If your character steps past the location of the tinderbox, she will be captured. Tap Walk momentarily to walk in precise steps. Climb down the hatch next to the barrel.

Grace: One Eyed Jack’s Cabin

Take the small cannon from the chest, the vase from the shelf, and the captain’s staff that is next to the bed. From anywhere in the room, put down the cannon. Use the pepper pot and move next to the cannon. Throw the vase and use the tinderbox. Wait until the pirate stops laughing, and move next to the cannon. Take the bell and leave the room.

Grace: Galleon Galley

Go through the door across the hallway. Take the chicken’s foot. Take the key from the floor. Get near the blue dumbwaiter door, ring the bell, and enter the dumbwaiter.

Grace: Kitchen

Use the key, and move next to the cupboard. Take the molasses and the ice box. When leaving the kitchen, a pirate’s shout will be heard. Return to the kitchen and use the ice box in the doorway that leads to the statue.

Go upstairs and use the molasses at the top of the stairs. Go to the pool room. Take the token from the pool table. Enter One Eyed Jack’s secret room. Use the captain’s staff on the desk in the corner of the room. Take the key and the book. Read the book. Go to the second floor bedroom.

Grace: Second Floor Bedroom

The door to the sorcery chamber will be open. Enter the chamber and use the captain’s staff on the mark on the floor. Return to the kitchen.

Grace: Kitchen

A man will be in the kitchen. There are two ways to eliminate him.

  1. Go back out the doorway into the hall. The man will slip on the ice. Re-enter the kitchen.
  2. Go back out the doorway and enter the double doors into the guard room. Put the teddy bear under the foldaway bed. Move in between the barrel organ and the wall. Use the token on the barrel organ. The bed will fall on the man when he looks at the teddy bear.

Go to the dumbwaiter. Ring the bell. Your character will be captured again.

Carnby: Galleon Brig

Hold Right to get the key. Use the key to free your character. Punch out the pirate. Take the sword, use it, and follow Grace outside. Grace will walk away. Open the door and enter the next room. Kill the pirate and take the Thompson and the flask. Go into the hallway. Kill the pirate and take the pistol and the fuse. Go through the door that is next to your character.

Carnby: Galleon Foundry

Kill the two pirates. Get the poker from the fireplace, the pliers from the table, and the key from the corner of the room. Leave the room.

Carnby: Galleon Liquor Storage

Enter the door next to the niche where Grace hid. Kill the Shorty Leg and take his items (ammunition, chain mail, flask, and pistol). Push the barrel to the left and take the chain mail and bottle. Throw the bottle. Read the page. Use the chain mail. Save the other chain mail for the final battle with One Eyed Jack. Leave the room.

Carnby: Galleon Hold

Enter the door at the end of the hallway. Attack Black Hat with the sword. Take the ammunition and the flask. Leave the room and go to the opposite end of the hallway to the locked door. Use the key to get inside.

Carnby: Galleon Gunpowder Room

Do not fire the gun in this room. Use the sword to kill De Witt, the swordmaster. Take the book and read it. Take the gunpowder barrel. Leave the room and climb the ladder in the hall to reach the next deck above.

Carnby: Galleon Cannon Room

Open as many doors as possible. There are only two rooms your character can enter. Find the room with a cannon, being careful not to stay too long in the sleeping rooms. Kill the pirate sleeping next to the cannon. Take the ammunition. Use the pliers to free the cannon. Push the cannon (the correct position is hard to find).

Go to the sleeping room and drop the barrel anywhere inside.

Return to the cannon room and use the fuse on the cannon. Use the poker on the fuse.

Enter what is left of the sleeping room. Take the flask and the bag of gold pieces.

Carnby: Galleon Galley

Use the gold pieces near the locked doors and kill the two short cooks. Enter the galley and take the flask from the shelf. Open the door and kill T-Bone. Take the metallic jack of diamonds card and use it on the last locked door in the hallway.

Enter the door and fall under Elisabeth Jarret’s spell again.

Grace: The Captain’s Room

Use the staff of Loas and move next to the statue. Enter the room and use the chicken’s foot to kill Elisabeth Jarret.

Carnby: The Captain’s Room

Run from the ghost. Climb the ladder at the end of the hallway to get on the top deck.

Carnby: Galleon Deck

Kill Music Man first. Take his hook. Then, ignoring Mister Eye (the harpoon-throwing pirate), kill the other pirate on the deck.

Carnby: Galleon Lookout Post

Mister Eye will climb the mast. Use the hook and climb up the mast. Kill Mister Eye. Use the hook on the rope.

Carnby: Galleon Foreyard

Kill Bubble-blade. Use the sword and thrust forward until he is trapped at the end of the pole. Jump down to the deck and take Nichol’s sword. Use the chain mail. Use all remaining flasks.

Carnby: Galleon Final Combat

Use the pliers to free Grace. Quickly kill One-Eye Jack using Nichol’s sword before the cannons fire. Watch for him to fake his death during combat.

The ending animation will begin.

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