Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge (DLC) Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge (DLC) Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Titanfall Summary

Standby for Titanfall in 3…2…1….

Titanfall is a first-person shooter released by Respawn Entertainment on March 11th, 2014th. While the ground game plays somewhat similar to Cally of Duty, which makes sense, as it was made by the same developers, Titanfall adds a new equation into the mix – Titans that are weapons of war that fall from the ships in the atmosphere. They are controlled by Pilots, and are special forces who can jump up, around, and over nearly anything that stands in their way.

This is a multiplayer-only game, though it can be played single-player offline in the story mode against bots. There’s no dedicated single-player campaign, but there is one in the sequel. Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge, is DLC available for download, and it gives the player new maps and game modes.

Titanfall features fast-paced shooting on a variety of maps that feature both horizontal and vertical elements in their construction. Many maps feature tight indoor shooting areas for Pilots to engage in a firefight, as well as large open ground for Titans to duke it out.

Titanfall Premise

In the distant future, there are two factions in the middle of an interstellar war: The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (or IMC), and the Frontier Militia. The former is a massive Earth conglomerate, using advanced A. I. to field their warships and soldiers, and have near complete control over the Frontier, a galaxy distant from the earth. The latter is a ragtag band of freedom fighters who want the Frontier to remain independent. They have waged a brutal war across many systems and planets, using their Titans to control key installations across the planets.

And the Militia is losing, badly. But a chance meeting with a former IMC general might be just what they need to turn things around…

Titanfall Main Characters 

  • The Pilots. The player characters! Each pilot comes with their playstyle and loadout, and, in turn, they excel at different things. While the class system isn’t as prevalent as it is in the sequel, each Pilot has different abilities depending upon what weapons they choose.
  •  The Titans. The Ogre, the Atlas, and the Stryder. These three form the foundation of later Titans to come. The Ogre is a slow but powerful monster who can take the most damage, the Stryder is the fast and nimble striker. Finally, the Atlas is the middle-of-the-road Titan, who’s neither the fastest nor the toughest but is even in all categories.
  •  James “Mac” MacAllan. A former IMC General who helped bring the Froniter in line with IMC designs. Now, after the death of his wife, he brings his warfare expertise against his former employers.
  •  Commander Sarah Briggs. Making her debut here, Commander Sarah Briggs is the tough-as-nails leader of the Militia until MacAllan appears. She prefers to be on the ground with her troops, which can get her into trouble. 
  •  Robert “Barker” Taube. A bit of a drunk, but he’s a remarkable ship pilot (different than a Titan pilot). So much so that MacAllan risks a risky city infliration just to get to him.
  •  Cheng “Bish” Lorck. The resident tech guy can break into any cyber database during lunch.
  •  Vice-Admiral Marcus Graves. James’ counterpart for the IMC. Perhaps there is more to this man than just a deep voice and strained loyalty.
  •  Spyglass. The second in command of the IMC forces. Spyglass isn’t a flesh and blood person, but instead, an advanced A. I. can calculate the most likely course for victory.
  •  Sergeant Kuben Blisk. The only one guaranteed to survive the games, and for good reason. Believes in the survival of the fittest. Or, in his words: “You kill me, you’re better. I kill you, you’re better.”

Titanfall Titles of Video Games in the Series 

This will be a short list, but each game in the series is well-regarded!

  • Titanfall (2014)
  •  Titanfall 2 (2016)
  •  Apex Legends (2019)

Titanfall Cheat Codes

So, as one might expect, there are no “cheat codes” for this game, so instead, let’s go over how one can unlock various abilities or weapons as found in the game!

  • Level 2 (XP Required: 1,500): CQB Pilot Loadout
  •  Level 3 (XP Required: 3,300): Artillery Titan Loadout
  •  Level 4 (XP Required: 5,800): Challenges
  •  Level 5 (XP Required: 8,800): Custom Pilot Loadout (1-3)
  •  Level 6 (XP Required: 12,500): R-97 Compact SMG
  •  Level 7 (XP Required: 16,700): Arc Grenade, Burn Card Slot 1
  •  Level 8 (XP Required: 21,500): Stim
  •  Level 9 (XP Required: 26,900): Longbow-DMR Sniper, Burn Card Slot 2
  •  Level 10 (XP Required: 32,900): Custom Titan Loadout (1-3)
  •  Level 11 (XP Required: 39,400): Slaved Warheads, Burn Card Slot 3
  •  Level 12 (XP Required: 46,500): Plasma Railgun
  •  Level 13 (XP Required: 54,100): Electric Smoke
  •  Level 14 (XP Required: 62,300): Fast Autoloader
  •  Level 15 (XP Required: 71,100): Custom Pilot 4 Loadout
  •  Level 16 (XP Required: 80,300): Warpfall Transmitter
  •  Level 17 (XP Required: 90,100): Satchel Charge
  •  Level 18 (XP Required: 100,500): G2A4 Rifle
  •  Level 19 (XP Required: 111,300): Active Radar Pulse
  •  Level 20 (XP Required: 122,700): Custom Titan 4 Loadout
  •  Level 21 (XP Required: 134,700): Arc Cannon
  •  Level 22 (XP Required: 147,100): Mag Launcher
  •  Level 23 (XP Required: 160,100): Core Extender
  •  Level 24 (XP Required: 173,600): Cluster Missile
  •  Level 25 (XP Required: 187,600): Burn Card Pack
  •  Level 26 (XP Required: 202,100): Particle Wall
  •  Level 27 (XP Required: 217,100): B3 Wingman
  •  Level 28 (XP Required: 232,600): Triple Threat
  •  Level 29 (XP Required: 248,700): Hemlok BF-R
  •  Level 30 (XP Required: 265,200): Burn Card Pack, Custom Pilot 5 Loadout
  •  Level 31 (XP Required: 282,300): Arc Mine
  •  Level 32 (XP Required: 299,800): Multi-Target Missile System
  •  Level 33 (XP Required: 317,900): Charge Rifle
  •  Level 34 (XP Required: 336,500): C.A.R. SMG
  •  Level 35 (XP Required: 356,000): Custom Titan 5 Loadout
  •  Level 36 (XP Required: 377,000): Run N Gun Kit
  •  Level 37 (XP Required: 399,000): Dead Man’s Trigger
  •  Level 38 (XP Required: 422,000): Dash Quickcharger
  •  Level 39 (XP Required: 446,000): Spitfire LMG
  •  Level 40 (XP Required: 471,000): Burn Card Pack
  •  Level 41 (XP Required: 497,000): Big Punch
  •  Level 42 (XP Required: 524,000): Quick Reload
  •  Level 43 (XP Required: 552,000): The “Icepick”
  •  Level 44 (XP Required: 581,000): Kraber-AP Sniper
  •  Level 45 (XP Required: 612,000): Burn Card Pack
  •  Level 46 (XP Required: 650,000): Tactical Reactor
  •  Level 47 (XP Required: 695,000): Core Accelerator
  •  Level 48 (XP Required: 750,000): Stealth Kit
  •  Level 49 (XP Required: 818,000): Guardian Chip
  •  Level 50 (XP Required: 900,000): Burn Card Pack

What about the Titans?

Stryder chassis

Successfully complete the IMC or Militia campaign to unlock the Stryder chassis.

Ogre chassis

Successfully complete the IMC and Militia campaigns to unlock the Ogre chassis.

A sort of two for one deal, and the Atlas Titan should be unlocked by default! 

Titanfall Cheat Code FAQ

How long does it take to finish Titanfall? For the main story? About 7 hours. However keep in mind, it depends on how skilled each team is.

 How many Frontier Defense maps are there? 10 in total, with 4 difficulties to choose from.

What year does Titanfall take place? 2201! About two hundred years in the future, or 178 if you want to be accurate.

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