Titanfall Update Makes “Marked For Death” Permanent Game Mode and More

Titanfall Update Makes “Marked For Death” Permanent Game Mode and More

As detailed on the official Titanfall website, Titanfall’s latest update, Update Six, implements the previously added “Marked For Death” game mode as a permanent feature, along with adding an entirely new game mode and more Burn Cards.

When the Marked For Death game mode was first introduced to Titanfall , Respawn Entertainment–the game’s developer–was planning to rotate it out with another game mode in a couple of weeks thereafter. However, due to the enduring popularity of the game mode, Marked For Death has been added as a full-time option to play in. Additionally, there’ll be a Marked For Death playlist to choose from, along with custom Marked For Death loadouts to unlock.

Titanfall’s new game mode, “Pilot Skirmish”, pits two teams of eight players without AI grunts or Titans. According to Respawn, due to the difference in player population with other game modes, Pilot Skirmish will be included in the Variety Pack playlist.

Furthermore, more Burn Cards will be made available via Black Market Daily Deals. According to the patch notes, these opportunities will be in short supply, and will be part of a limited, ever shifting stock. Additionally, there will now be the option to automatically fill in empty Burn Card slots with available Burn Cards, thanks to the new “Burn Card Auto Fill” feature.

Lastly, the update also introduced more colorblind modes, which includes options for protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia; these options will affect IFF glows, crosshair colors and nametags above players’ heads.

You can read Update Six’s full patch notes for Titanfall via the source link below. We’ll bring you more news on Titanfall should further information reach our ears.

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