Titanfall’s new DLC adds Three Maps

Titanfall’s new DLC adds Three Maps

As detailed in a press release that was published on Tuesday, July 8, Respawn Entertainment has announced its next map pack DLC for its critically acclaimed shooter Titanfall , entitled “ Frontiers Edge ”.

Said to take the fight to the furthest reaches of the universe, Frontier’s Edge introduces three new maps to Titanfall’s roster, which include the isolated mining outpost called “Dig Site”, the exclusive beach resort called “Haven”, and the mountain-side mining hub called “Export”.

The second of three planned content packs (the first being Titanfall’s Expedition ” DLC ), Frontier’s Edge will set you back £7.99, or your regional equivalent. Players who are looking for value for money may be interested in looking into the game’s Season Pass, which offers all three content packs (when available) for a one-time purchase of £19.99. The Season Pass itself can be bought for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC versions of Titanfall .

We recently established that Titanfall’s developer Respawn Entertainment is open to the idea of introducing “ a more traditional singleplayer , ” according to the studio’s chief operating officer Dust Welch in a recent interview.

Furthermore, in Titanfall’s most recent update , new burns cards, titan insignias and several other miscellaneous additions that’ll make your experience with Titanfall more customizable and streamline were introduced into the game.

We’ll bring you more Titanfall -related news should further information reach our ears.

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