Titanfall: Deluxe Edition Announced, Includes All DLC

Titanfall: Deluxe Edition Announced, Includes All DLC

If you’ve been on the fence about buying Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall , now may be a good time to jump off said fence to go and get your own copy, as the game’s developer has revealed the Deluxe Edition of Titanfall , which includes all of the game’s DLC as well as a base copy of Titanfall.

That’s right; Titanfall: Deluxe Edition will come come included with Titanfall’s three previous map packs: “ Expedition ”, “ Frontier’s Edge ” and “ IMC Rising ”–a combined total of 12 more maps will be available to you.

Released in March, Titanfall has quickly become the best-selling new IP for the Xbox One, ” Respawn wrote in its Titanfall: Deluxe Edition announcement. “

Since then Respawn have added a wealth of post-release content including the introduction of new game modes including co-op play, titan customization, the Black Market, ranked play and more. All this great content combined in one package means there has never been a better time to feel the rush of Titanfall and the thrill of dropping your first titan on the battlefield.

Titanfall: Deluxe Edition is currently available digitally via Origin for $39.99, with an Xbox One version slated to also be available digitally on Tuesday, November 25 for $49.99. For UK players, there’s currently a discount going on right now that’ll allow you to buy the Deluxe Edition for £33.99–15 percent off from its initial £39.99 price tag.

However, details for an Xbox 360 version of Titanfall: Deluxe Edition have yet to be detailed. We’ll bring you more news on Titanfall should further information reach our ears.

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