Titanfall’s Sequel Might Hit Steam and PlayStation; Dev Announces Non-Titanfall Game

Titanfall’s Sequel Might Hit Steam and PlayStation; Dev Announces Non-Titanfall Game

Respawn Entertainment revealed that it was working on a Titanfall sequel some time ago, but news of “ Titanfall 2 ” has resurfaced again, as a recent interview has shed light on where the developer is taking the IP, including a hint towards the Titanfall sequel appearing on Steam and PlayStation 4.

Respawn Entertainment’s co-founder, Vince Zampella, spoke at length with Game Informer about the future of Titanfall . During the interview, whilst implying that the original PC–Origin only–version of Titanfall might not ever appear on Steam due to it being pretty much being too late into the game (saying that it would divide the current Titanfall community), Zampella suggested that Titanfall 2 might launch on Steam.

At some point you look at it and you say is it even worth it now, this much later, the effort to put it on Steam, when it would be a lot of work and kind of bifurcate the community? ” Zampella told Game Informer.

We would have loved for it to be on Steam from day one, but at some point it just doesn’t make sense anymore and you start looking to the future and I think we should not make that same decision again.

Also in the interview, Zampella revealed that Microsoft and Titanfall’s publisher, Electronic Arts, only had exclusivity rights to the first Titanfall game, which could lead to the speculation that Titanfall 2 may also find its way on Sony’s PlayStation consoles, too: “ future projects will not necessarily be exclusive, ” he said.

As for Respawn Entertainment’s non- Titanfall game; when discussing about the developer’s recent hiring of God of War developer Stig Asmussen, Zampella confirmed that there’s a second development team within Respawn Entertainment, which is “ non- Titanfall related. ” He didn’t mention more about this second game beyond that.

As to what this second game will be about, Zampella said that is keeping “ an open mind ” about the direction of the project, implying that Respawn Entertainment’s second team might not necessarily make its non- Titanfall game either a first-person or a third-person game.

You can read Game Informer’s full interview with Vince Zampella via the source link below. The original Titanfall is now currently available on PC (Origin), Xbox 360 and Xbox One. We’ll bring you more news on the game should further information reach our ears.

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