Madhouse Mode Weapons & Items Changes

It's not enough for Madhosue Mode to have more monsters, less ammo, and fewer saves- they also gotta mixup where all your stuff is kept. Here's the key to where everything is now, and to which things are just as you left them.


  • All video locations and flashbacks remain the same, though the enemies in the final flashback are tougher.

  • The locations of Journal Entries & Mr. Everywhere Bobbleheads are unchanged.

  • All Treasure Photos are found in the same place, and yield the same treasures as before

  • All special key doors (Scorpion, Crow & Snake) are in the same places, leading to the same rooms. The Crow and Snake Keys are in the same places as before (The Scorpion Key is now in a coin cage in the Main Hall).

  • The access cards are in the same places, and obtained the same way as before.


Weapon Locations

  • The knife you still get from the deputy, but it's a mere toothpick next to the Circular Saw

  • The G-17 is still in the garage, but it's now lying where the deputy fell, rather than in the backseat of the car.

  • The M-19 is now in the Greenhouse entry, rather than in Zoe's Trailer

  • The Grenade Launcher is now in Zoe's Trailer, rather than in the Crow Room of the Main House.

  • The two shotguns are in the same places, but the Model Shotgun in now is the Dissection Room- you can grab it when you make for the third dogshead here.

  • The flamethrower components are in the same places.

  • The Survival Knife is now stuck in a ping-pong table in the Recreation Room

  • The MPM Handgun is now in Sickbay

  • The Machine Gun and key are in the same places.

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