Hydro Thunder

Strategy Guide

Quick start

Note: This trick assumes the game is under the default controller setting. Hold L during the pre-race countdown. Release L and hold R when the countdown reaches "3". Release R and hold L when the countdown reaches "2". Release L and hold R when the countdown reaches "1". If done correctly, your boat will get a faster start and a four-second boost.

Game Shark Codes

Note: You must have a 3.0 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes.

Enable Code (Must Be On)F124FFA0 2400
Infinite Boost812C4C9C 4190
Infinite Time812B4890 42C8
Always Place First812C4C96 0001
Have All Boats50000D01 0000
802B5CA2 0001
Have All Tracks50000D01 0000
802B5C94 0003
Have Boat Codes
Armed Response802B5CA2 0001
Tinytanic802B5CA3 0001
Thresher802B5CA4 0001
Tiorl Blade802B5CA5 0001
Banshee802B5CA6 0001
Damn The Torpedoes802B5CA7 0001
Midway802B5CA8 0001
Miss Behave802B5CA9 0001
Cutthroat802B5CAA 0001
Rad Hazard802B5CAB 0001
Razorback802B5CAC 0001
Chumdinger802B5CAD 0001
Blowfish802B5CAE 0001
Track Status Modifier Codes
Hydro Speedway802B5C94 00??
Catacomb802B5C95 00??
The Far East802B5C96 00??
Lake Powell802B5C97 00??
Greek Isles802B5C98 00??
Thunder Park802B5C99 00??
Lost Island802B5C9A 00??
Arctic Circle802B5C9B 00??
Ship Graveyard802B5C9C 00??
Venice Canals802B5C9D 00??
N.Y. Disaster802B5C9E 00??
Nile Adventure802B5C9F 00??
Castle VCM Dandy802B5CA0 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Track Status Modifier Codes
00 - Locked & Not Completed
01 - Unlocked & Not Completed
03 - Unlocked & Completed

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