NBA Live 2000


Michael Jordan

Defeat Michael Jordan one-on-one in superstar mode to unlock him on the roster.

Game Shark Codes

Home Team Infinite Time Outs811344D0 0700
Home Team No Time Outs811344D0 0000
Home Team Score Modifier811344C8 ????
Away Team Infinite Time Outs81135098 0700
Away Team No Time Outs81135098 0000
Away Team Score Modifier81135090 ????
Infinite Shot Clock811318F2 05A0
Character Creation Codes
Max Inside Scoring8017B7AC 0064
Jump Shooting8017B7AD 0064
Max 3 Pointers8017B7AE 0064
Max Free Throws8017B7AF 0064
Max Dunking8017B7B0 0064
Max Stealing8017B7B1 0064
Max Blocking8017B7B2 0064
Max Off. Awareness8017B7BA 0064
Max Def. Awareness8017B7B3 0064
Max Quickness8017B7B4 0064
Max Off. Rebounds8017B7B5 0064
Max Def. Rebounds8017B7B6 0064
Max Jumping8017B7B7 0064
Max Strength8017B7B8 0064
Max Passing8017B7B9 0064
Max Speed8017B7BB 0064
Max Dribbling8017B7BC 0064
Max Endurance8017B7BD 0064
Max Shooting Range8017B7BE 0064

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