4 Elements


Make chains faster in Level 1

Instead of clicking the pieces one by one and double clicking the last piece, click and hold the first piece and drag the pointer on all pieces you want to make a chain with. Then, click the last piece of the chain. You will make the chains a lot faster.

Easy completion in Level 63

After you complete the initial click and drag through the first chamber and the purple mist stops at the blockage, check the map. If you have not reached the white square outline with the mist, go to the menu, and restart the level. It is a waste of time continuing the game to clear the second chamber. If you have reached the white outline, you will have a much better chance at making it to the end. Note: If you can line up pieces in large quantity, you can blow the whole field apart.

Slow water flow in Level 64

Use the following trick to slightly slow down the water flow in Level 64. Open a browser tab, and start a few downloads or start your virus scanner.

Final level tip

As the level scrolls across filling up with liquid at the bottom, fill your Spade and Bomb power-ups.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Barricade Blaster: Clear away 20 stone slabs using long chains.
    Endurer: Complete twenty levels in a row without losing any.
    Independent Spirit: Complete a level without getting stuck.
    Overachiever: Complete a level by using long chains only.
    Power of the Elements: Complete the game and save the magical world.
    Practical Approach: Use all four power-ups on a level.
    Quick as a Flash: Complete the quest in 90 seconds or less.
    Sharp Eye: Spot all the differences between two cards within a short time.
    Strategist: Make a minimum of 4 long chains in a row.
    Tactician: Make a 16 pieces long chain.
    The Air Magus: Restore the third Book of Elements.
    The Earth Magus: Restore the first Book of Elements.
    The Fire Magus: Restore the second Book of Elements.
    The Water Magus: Restore the forth Book of Elements.
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