Bridge Constructor Medieval

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Saving money

Use a lot of regular wood instead of stone to save money. Use triangles within triangles construction for best results.

Increasing stability

Create triangular structures for increased stability. When making bases, create arc-shapes from triangles. They will provide extra support on long bridges. The middle area of a bridge is usually the weakest. Use stronger materials (logs and stone supports) to supplement middle sections.

Avoiding boulders

Boulders will target specific areas of a bridge. Remember their trajectories, then strengthen the target areas. Additionally, build a roof to protect your soldiers and horses from boulders. Make sure the roofs have good support, with triangular structures.

Avoiding collapses

If you notice boards or supports turning red, they will fail very quickly. Use Construction mode to fix red sections before they collapse. Locate weak areas by allowing your soldiers to cross the bridge. Reinforce any areas that appear to be susceptible.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Angel of Death: Plunged a total of 50 enemies into the abyss.
    Apprentice: Score is 50,000 points or higher.
    Executioner: Plunged a total of 20 enemies into the abyss.
    Fellow: Score is 100,000 points or higher.
    God of Crowns!: Earned all crowns!.
    Guardian: Rescued 15 of your own units from enemy fire.
    Guardian Angel: Rescued 30 of your own units from enemy fire.
    King's Choice: Earned 10 crowns!.
    King's Favorite: Earned 20 crowns!.
    King's Hero: Earned 30 crowns!.
    Master Builder: Score is 250,000 points or higher.
    Monumental Construction: Built a bridge with at least 100 components.
    Treasurer's Archenemy: Spent at least 100,000 on one bridge.
    Treasurer's Favorite: Undercut crown budget by 3,000.
    Treasurer's Friend: Undercut crown budget by 1000.
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